Winter Weekends: Double Slayer and Fishing XP for Members

Every Saturday and Sunday in December is a Winter Weekend for members, each with its own themed bonus!

This weekend, whether you’re heading to your nearest Slayer Master or picking up your rods, baits and lures, you’re in for a treat. There’s double XP from killing slayer targets and for Fishing at fishing spots - especially useful if you're levelling hard to 90 and beyond for Player-Owned Ports!

This Winter Weekend runs from Saturday 22nd December 00:00 GMT until Sunday 23rd December 23:59 GMT. Don’t forget that every Winter Weekend hosts a new bonus – for next week’s finale, there’ll be snowman raids!

If you’re after more festive fun, anyone who’s a member during December will get the awesome Festive Aura, which bestows a +50% XP boost for 30 minutes a day, and works alongside the XP gain active this weekend! To grab your aura and take part in Winter Weekends, click here and become a member today.

The RuneScape Team

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