Woox16 vs Dominion Tower: Fight!

The Dominion Tower is a deadly new arena in which players can battle some of the fiercest enemies in RuneScape history. Who better to face this challenge than the bane of boss monsters everywhere... Woox16?

Woox16 needs little introduction, but here's one anyway! He's taken on the terror of Jad with no items and a single prayer point, as seen here. He's killed the Corporeal Beast without food and without any stat draining. He soloed the sinister Nex, and was the first person known to solo the Corporeal Beast.

Woox16 will be taking on the bosses within the Dominion Tower and seeing just how long he can stay alive. Of course, what fun would there be if we didn't throw in a surprise or two?

If you'd like to watch Woox16's progress, and be the first to learn how you could earn some epic loot in the process, then keep an eye on our dedicated forum thread and the RuneScape Facebook page all of this week!

Mod Crow and Mod Kathy

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