"Worst Update Ever!"

We have decided to freshen up the Official Jagex Store a little by introducing some brand new items and packs.

Designed by staff here at Jagex, we wanted to bring these t-shirts out as a special and personal celebration of our experiences of the unique history and culture that has developed around our games. Check out the "Worst Update Ever", "Mugger Level 6" and "Rare" t-shirts, and the FunOrb "Let's Bounce!" t-shirt, and you’ll see what we mean.

We have also added four high-quality posters to the store in response to demand we've received over the last few weeks. You will now be able to find three RuneScape scenes in the store, and a brand new Arcanists-themed poster that our FunOrb players might be interested in.

We’ve released six new packs that offer some great savings – our new gamer pack is better than ever – and with the variety that’s now on offer, there should be something for everyone.

Head over to the Jagex Store now to check out the new items for yourself.

Mod Simon S
Head of Business Development

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