Your Chance to Get an Idea In-game!

If you’ve ever had an idea for a skill update, and wished that you could play it in-game, now is your chance! We’re looking for the most original, entertaining and enticing ideas for high-level skill updates, so that we can pitch the best of them to an audience at RuneFest, and then open them up for a vote. The winning suggestion from that vote will be scripted, written, wrapped up in beautiful graphics and audio, and then released next year for everyone to play and appreciate. If it’s your idea, you’ll get the opportunity to enjoy your own creation, and watch as others enjoy it too: take it from us, no prize can match that feeling!

To help ensure we get some really useful and great ideas we’d really like you to use these guidelines:

  • It should be high-level
  • It should train or include skills that are NOT combat skills
  • It should be of a low-to-medium size (charm sprites and extreme potions are good examples)
  • It should provide an item reward
  • The reward should not be combat-related, but can benefit combat in the long term

If you want to put forward your idea, then please send an email to ‘’ and we’ll check it out. If you want more information, then read our forum thread here: 235-236-897-63249059. We need all suggestions by Thursday, 13th October, in order to view them all before RuneFest, so please email us before then.

You do not need to be at RuneFest to submit your idea, but we’d still like you to come along; if you want to be in the audience that decides the best of these high-level skill suggestions, then buy a ticket and come see us at the ‘You Be The Judge’ insider session.

Good luck!

The RuneFest team

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