Your New Secret Weapon: Clan Avatars!

Any clan with a citadel can now create, customise and deploy clan avatars. Summoned and controlled by designated avatar wardens within your clan, these living embodiments of your citadel can accompany you to the surface world and support your clan with an array of buffs. These buffs affect every eligible clan member within the avatar's aura of influence. Whether you're a clan of legendary warriors or a collective of shrewd artisans, your avatar has your back.

Combat-focused clans will benefit from buffs that heal over time, randomly resurrect fallen clan members and redirect damage taken by clan members to the avatar.In times of peace, your avatar can increase the resource yield from citadel skill plots, double the duration of Summoning familiars, and can offer a healthy XP boost for any skill training, even outside of your citadel. Depending on the tier of your citadel, an avatar can have up to three slots for equipping these buffs, so they can be tailored to any task at hand.

For an avatar to take up residence, you'll first need to build a habitat within your clan citadel. Here, clan members with the necessary permissions can designate buffs to an avatar. Other permissions can enable you to customise its appearance, choosing from four styles for each of its nine components. Your clan logo and colours will also be proudly displayed on your avatar's body, so no two avatars need ever look the same.

Habitats come in three varieties, each with its own resource requirement:

  • Basic: 3,000 timber.
  • Medium: 30,000 timber, 30,000 precious bars.
  • Grand: 30,000 timber, 30,000 precious bars, 30,000 rations.

The basic habitat houses one avatar, while the medium habitat holds two and the grand habitat three, so the extra investment is well worth it. While your clan can only summon one avatar at a time, you'll have up to three avatars ready and waiting to assist, whatever the situation.

To benefit from the clan avatar's buffs, each individual will need to pay 300 anagogic orts to the avatar, which will buy a week's access to its clan-boosting benefits. These items are non-tradable, but they can be gathered as drops from monsters throughout RuneScape, as well as during skill training - so long as you're a member of a clan. These are also used to heal your avatar when it takes damage in combat, so be sure to stock up if you're taking a clan avatar into multi-way combat or PvP!

Gather your resources, muster your clan mates and summon your new secret weapon. Your clan just got a whole lot bigger.

Mod Maz
Queen of the Squirrels

Getting Started with Clan Avatars:

See the Captain of the Guard at the clan camp for full details of how to build, maintain and use your clan avatar.


  • To build a clan avatar, or benefit from its buffs, you must be a member.
  • You must be part of a clan which owns a clan citadel.
  • Your citadels must include a clan avatar habitat.
  • You must pay fee of 300 anagogic orts to benefit from clan avatar buffs. This earns you a week's access to buff from avatars owned by your clan. These are non-tradable, and can be gathered from monster drops and skill training.

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