YouTube Competition: What Does RuneScape Mean To You?

Now is an exciting time to be a RuneScape player, with the huge HTML5 upgrade, the Sixth Age and so much more on the way. With the future holding so much promise, we want to hear about the most important moments from the past and present that have led to this point.

We want you to create a video about what RuneScape really means to you.

You could talk about your craziest or most profound RuneScape moment; your most important achievements; friends you’ve made on your adventure; or wax philosophical on why RuneScape is such a big deal for you. Whatever your story, we want to hear it!

Make a video no longer than 3 minutes, upload it to YouTube and send the URL to We’ll pick our favourites and add them to a compilation video – make it in, and you’ll win a month’s free membership. Be chosen as one of our three favourites and you’ll receive £25 to spend in our Digital Merch Store.

Get your video in to us by the end of Monday 3rd June. You’ll find full entry details and conditions on the official forum post here.

Happy vlogging!

The RuneScape Community Team

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