Advances in our engine will bring graphical improvements for players using RuneScape's Software and Safe modes, and increased speed to players using OpenGL or DirectX modes. The use of a Z-buffer across all graphical modes unifies their workings, which means artists can now create more complex models and more interesting animations, where previously they have been limited by the software modes.

One element of this we're particularly excited about is the ability to model and animate players and NPCs outside of the 'square' on which they’re standing. This will allow us to improve weapon wielding, combat animations and various other aspects of your appearance. Artists will also be able to design and build more impressive areas, which are less constrained to the grid-like nature of the RuneScape world.

Additionally, users in Software or Safe mode should see less in the way of graphical ‘clipping’ (where objects/locations in the world cut through each other incorrectly). We have also seen speed increases in OpenGL and DirectX of up to 50%, but this does depend on the area you’re playing in.

Mod Chris E
Game Engine

In other news...

Due to the z-buffer changes, the Wilderness ditch no longer looked right (in fact it looked rather unsightly). As such, the ditch has been filled in and a low wall has been built in its place. The positioning and path of the wall follows where the ditch was, and you can still jump over it as quickly as you could the ditch.

We've enabled access to our developer console to allow players a small selection of commands, which you may prove useful in tracking down the cause of more technical issues with the client on your computer. Just hit the back quote key (`), also known as the grave accent key, which is found left of the '1' key on most QWERTY keyboards. Input 'help' into the developer console for more information and a list of available commands.

The adjustments to skillcapes have now been copied (they were modelled and optimised for the z-buffer). Female skillcapes should be identical in length to the current male version. This was necessary to massively reduce graphical issues due to the length of the capes.

The loading screen has been reworked and updated to give it a fresh look and give it a little bit extra. These features have been live for a few weeks, but the system was previously emulating the old loading screen until the new artwork was ready.

In addition to choosing the colour of your split chat, you can now choose the colour for your Clan Chat messages via the chat display options button on the settings interface.

Upon entering a dungeon, your bound items and ring of kinship will now be automatically equipped, which should save you a bit of time at the start of each dungeon.

You can now examine compost bins to see how full they are. This should now tell you how many items are in there, from empty through to completely full (0-15 items).

If you hover the mouse over any of the Agility shortcut icons on the world map, you'll now get a tooltip listing the level requirement and equipment necessary to use it.

Elf teleport crystals, the explorer’s rings and the Falador shields have had the order of their options adjusted, which should make them more convenient to use.

One of the smaller fonts used in various places throughout the game has been reworked as part of our ongoing effort to improve usability.

We've increased the selection of farming seeds available in the Vinesweeper reward shop.

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