Zero-Day Java 7 Exploit

We have been following the news very carefully about the zero day exploit in Java 7 and wanted to post a quick reminder to keep not only your RuneScape account safe but your PC as well by being careful about what sites you visit and potentially not upgrading to Java 7 until the exploit is patched. While your computer is in no danger while continuing to play RuneScape, exploit kits such as Redkit, Nuclear Pack, and Blackhole are currently attacking this vulnerability when you visit untrustworthy sites.

One way this vulnerability is being used is to add keyloggers onto susceptible PCs. We would remind you to activate JAG on your RuneScape account as an additional level of account security which should help keep your account safe should your PC become compromised.

Please keep in mind that the exploit is being distributed through untrustworthy sites and to be careful about your browsing habits. We want to ensure that you get to continue to enjoy the rich world that is Gielinor for many years to come.

To discuss this further or get instructions on how to downgrade your version of Java, click here to head over to the Tech Support forum.

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