Zogre Flesh Eaters

This week's update sees the release of the large ranger training area we promised a few months ago. Accompanying it is a significant update to the fletching skill which introduces several new arrow types and a new bow.

Adventurers brave enough to venture inside the Zogre Caves will have to face new challenges, but will be rewarded through a bunch of new bone types, some being greater than the fabled dragon bones.

Reports indicate that disease is rife in these tombs so be on the look-out for new orange "stat-based" damage splats. Opportunistic thieves will also notice several burial chambers ripe for robbing if they are prepared to face the consequences.

Expansion to the ogre areas also provides new chompy hunting spots and even more random ogre chat to confuse you (deys a bit fick u sees). Reldo, our friendly historian, recorded the following during his last visit to Gu'Tanoth:

"Night drew in around the Ogrish Ceremonial dance area of Jiggig. The heaving bodies of several ogres could be seen silhouetted against the fire around which they all danced. One of them fell over, but that was hardly surprising since even standing still is taxing for all but the most intelligent of ogres. Suddenly a huge explosion was heard that shook the ground on which they stood, but where did it come from? Grish, the leader of the dance, motioned for all to stop. The air was momentarily filled with grunts and thuds as more ogres fell down through the loss of momentum.

Grish looked to the tomb entrance, trying to pierce the darkness. Strange screaming and gurgling sounds could be heard coming from below, in the tombs, where the ancient ones rested. All eyes turned to Grish and then to the tomb entrance. Was it the remnants of Rantz's birthday party the night before... or was it something more sinister? They all waited there, in the darkness, looking towards the temple, sweaty ogrish brows raised higher than ever in a vain attempt to comprehend. Then, through the darkness could be seen the lifeless eyes, skeletal features and the twisted walks of ancient heroes and fallen brothers of yore as they searched for fresh flesh to feast on.

As a single body, all the dancing ogres moved in one direction, away from the zombie ogres. Once again the air was filled with grunts and thuds as many ogres hit the dirt. Thus started the night of the Zogre Flesh Eaters..."

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