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Activity Pets - Moneymaking

We've received hundreds of cool, quirky, and cute submissions for the Activity Pets contest. And now it's time to vote on the ones you want to see make it to the final stage and go in-game!

Question 1 of 1

Which one of these Moneymaking Pets do you want to see? (Details on each pet can be found in a blog post on our website).

  • The Loan Shark

    (1056 votes 18%)

  • The Frog o' Fortune

    (948 votes 16%)

  • Richie, the Fancy Magpie

    (1661 votes 28%)

  • Bizz Bee

    (637 votes 11%)

  • Moneygrubb

    (1012 votes 17%)

  • None of the above

    (535 votes 9%)