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Scurrius, The Rat King - Rewards (13-Nov-2023 14:00:01)

Beneath the friendly, familiar streets of Varrock stirs a lurking horror. Hidden away in the dark, dank depths of the city's sewers resides something so terrible that even the bravest of the city guard refuse to venture in.

During this year's Summer Summit, we mentioned that we'd soon introduce a mid-level PvM update to bridge the game between mid and end-game content. As you've no doubt read in the blog, Varlamore will introduce plenty of PvM options in the form of Perilous Moons & the Fortis Colosseum - but we're not stopping there.

Scurrius The Rat King is designed to introduce core PvM mechanics and help newer players get to grips with combat. This rambunctious rodent and his pack will test your knowledge of overhead Prayers, your dodging skills, and your ability to manage multiple monsters during a fight - all things you'll need to master if you plan to take on tougher bosses later in your adventuring career.

Now, it's time for your vote!

This poll will close on Friday 17th November.

Total Number of Votes: 50327

Question 1 Should we add Rat Bone weaponry, new weapons that can only be used on Rat-type enemies, as described in the blog?
Yes 80.1% (40298 votes)
No 17.7% (8870 votes)
Skip question 2.4% (1159 votes)

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