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Old School Content Poll #26 (09-Oct-2014 11:50:38)

Before you vote please have a read of the developer blog: Poll #26 Revisited (QFC 380,381,108,65493305)

This poll will close on Wednesday 15th October.

Total Number of Votes: 20435

Question 1 Should we introduce the Amulet of the Damned, an amulet that, when worn with any full barrows set, improves the effect of the barrows set worn? This amulet would come from the chest behind the silver door underneath Mort'ton and would degrade at the same rate as barrows armour, eventually crumbling to dust.
Yes 75.1% (15337 votes)
No 25.0% (5098 votes)
Question 2 Should the forthcoming Corporeal Beast drop a pet version of its dark core? Like other boss pets, this would be an additional drop, and would not replace any other item.
Yes 89.6% (18305 votes)
No 10.5% (2130 votes)
Question 3 Mod Alfred reconstructed the 'Clan Wars Classic' arena for Clan Wars. Shall we release this as an additional arena? It would be available on F2P worlds too.
Yes 86.1% (17585 votes)
No 14.0% (2850 votes)
Question 4 Should players on F2P worlds be able to use the Teleblock spell?
Yes 63.2% (12897 votes)
No 36.9% (7538 votes)
Question 5 Should the sinister chest give herbs in noted form?
Yes 87.2% (17800 votes)
No 12.9% (2635 votes)
Question 6 Mod Alfred, before he left us, made an animation for a 'tip fedora' emote. Shall we add it to the fedora?
Yes 86.1% (17579 votes)
No 14.0% (2856 votes)
Question 7 Should it be possible to split all potions into any dose that you like?
Yes 88.8% (18132 votes)
No 11.3% (2303 votes)
Question 8 Should we add some gargoyles to Nieve's cave?
Yes 86.8% (17733 votes)
No 13.3% (2702 votes)
Question 9 If gargoyles are added to Nieve's cave, should it be permitted to use cannons near them?
Yes 51.4% (10492 votes)
No 48.7% (9943 votes)
Question 10 Should the Humidify spell work on saplings in your inventory?
Yes 87.6% (17883 votes)
No 12.5% (2552 votes)
Question 11 Should players be unable to use the Ancient teleport tablets within 15 minutes of having logged out of a F2P world? They have been used by F2P clan members in order to return to clan wars incredibly quickly, creating a large imbalance in F2P warring. This restriction would not limit players in day-to-day use of the teleports but would solve this problem for F2P clan wars.
Yes 70.7% (14440 votes)
No 29.4% (5995 votes)
Question 12 Should we add a bag that holds the materials for repairing the Flamtaer Temple at Mort'ton? This would allow players to carry 60 timber beams, 60 limestone bricks and 500 swamp paste within one inventory slot. The bag would be found in the chests behind steel, black and silver doors below Mort'ton; players could have only one bag at a time.
Yes 87.8% (17930 votes)
No 12.3% (2505 votes)

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