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Old School Content Poll #49: Silver Jewellery (10-Nov-2016 12:22:43)

In this poll we have an interesting Crafting update to offer, based on a player-submitted design, as well as the usual selection of quality of life updates.

This poll will close on Wednesday 16th November.

Total Number of Votes: 34545

Question 1 Should it be possible to craft silver jewellery? Silver bars would be used with semi-precious gems (opal, jade, red topaz) to create rings, necklaces and amulets. When enchanted, these pieces of jewellery provide different effects depending on the gem used.
Yes 91.5% (31577 votes)
No 6.4% (2185 votes)
Skip question 2.3% (783 votes)
Question 2 Should the Light Ballista and Heavy Ballista be re-worked? The Light Ballista would be given +110 Ranged attack and the ability to use all javelins. It would have a higher requirement of 65 Ranged to use. The stats of the Heavy Ballista would be increased to +125 Ranged attack and +15 Ranged Strength. This would come with the additional requirements of 75 Ranged and completion of Monkey Madness II to use.
Yes 76.4% (26389 votes)
No 13.2% (4533 votes)
Skip question 10.5% (3623 votes)
Question 3 Should the 2016 Halloween Event be added to Old School as a permanent free-to-play quest? This quest would reward 600 Crafting XP, an uncut Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire, and 1 Quest Point in place of the seasonal rewards.
Yes 71.6% (24732 votes)
No 23.9% (8231 votes)
Skip question 4.6% (1582 votes)
Question 4 Should Seers Ring have its Magic Attack Bonus and Magic Defence Bonus increased by 50% to +6 in its un-imbued form, and +12 in its imbued form?
Yes 85.5% (29510 votes)
No 8.8% (3038 votes)
Skip question 5.8% (1997 votes)
Question 5 Currently, some NPCs which you might expect to drop champion scrolls do not. Should champion scrolls be added to the drop tables of these NPCs?
Yes 88.3% (30485 votes)
No 6.9% (2364 votes)
Skip question 5.0% (1696 votes)
Question 6 When you reach the maximum number of boss or slayer kills Old School can store, the number is simply replaced with 'Lots!' as it cannot go any higher. Should the number also be displayed alongside this?
Yes 83.1% (28691 votes)
No 10.3% (3544 votes)
Skip question 6.7% (2310 votes)
Question 7 Should a confirmation message appear when releasing stacks of Hunter creatures?
Yes 79.6% (27485 votes)
No 11.9% (4098 votes)
Skip question 8.6% (2962 votes)
Question 8 Should a shortcut be added to the fence next to the Taverley Dungeon Lesser Demons? This shortcut would require level 63 Agility to use.
Yes 88.1% (30413 votes)
No 8.0% (2738 votes)
Skip question 4.1% (1394 votes)
Question 9 Should it be possible to convert Xeric's Talismans into 100 Lizardman Fangs?
Yes 69.3% (23928 votes)
No 11.0% (3779 votes)
Skip question 19.8% (6838 votes)
Question 10 The Agility shortcuts found on the way to the Cosmic Altar are currently quite slow due to the number of obstacles you must pass. Should we reduce the number of obstacles in order to speed up these shortcuts?
Yes 87.3% (30157 votes)
No 7.3% (2511 votes)
Skip question 5.5% (1877 votes)
Question 11 Should the Ring of Coins and Ring of Nature be made usable and tradeable in free-to-play?
Yes 74.0% (25553 votes)
No 18.0% (6185 votes)
Skip question 8.2% (2807 votes)
Question 12 Should the player-owned house max hit dummy be made to account for the special effect of the Arclight?
Yes 79.6% (27477 votes)
No 7.6% (2624 votes)
Skip question 12.9% (4444 votes)
Question 13 Should the Magic Imbue spell icon be faded out when it is on cooldown?
Yes 80.0% (27608 votes)
No 7.3% (2499 votes)
Skip question 12.9% (4438 votes)
Question 14 Should the respawn rate of Scorpia be reduced to 10 seconds?
Yes 69.7% (24071 votes)
No 12.2% (4208 votes)
Skip question 18.2% (6266 votes)
Question 15 Should Hill Giants located in the Wilderness drop Giant Keys at twice the usual rate?
Yes 86.5% (29857 votes)
No 8.4% (2883 votes)
Skip question 5.3% (1805 votes)
Question 16 Should the payment required to use the Shilo Village furnace be taken at the furnace itself rather than the door?
Yes 68.0% (23467 votes)
No 13.0% (4489 votes)
Skip question 19.1% (6589 votes)
Question 17 Should a total level requirement of 2,200 be added to two worlds?
Yes 55.1% (19001 votes)
No 37.4% (12894 votes)
Skip question 7.7% (2650 votes)
Question 18 Should we change all Trouble Brewing flags to be 1-handed items?
Yes 64.9% (22397 votes)
No 10.4% (3591 votes)
Skip question 24.8% (8557 votes)
Question 19 Should we add a new area to the Rellekka Slayer Cave containing more Kurasks? These would only be killable on task.
Yes 84.8% (29261 votes)
No 7.7% (2635 votes)
Skip question 7.7% (2649 votes)
Question 20 On the Boss and Slayer kill logs, should each monster also have a Streak counter with a Reset button? The existing counters would be completely unaffected by this, but players would be able to reset their Streak counter on demand to track individual streaks.
Yes 74.7% (25777 votes)
No 10.3% (3552 votes)
Skip question 15.1% (5216 votes)
Question 21 Magic boosting Prayers currently only affect Magic Attack; should this be changed to also increase Magic Defence?
Yes 78.0% (26930 votes)
No 15.2% (5235 votes)
Skip question 6.9% (2380 votes)
Question 22 Should we remove the need for Fairy Nuff's Certificate to get to the Fairy Queen after completion of Fairy Tale Pt. 2?
Yes 80.0% (27605 votes)
No 8.9% (3073 votes)
Skip question 11.2% (3867 votes)
Question 23 Currently your kill count is displayed within the Barrows; should we change this to show your percentage towards maximum potential rewards?
Yes 83.2% (28741 votes)
No 9.1% (3112 votes)
Skip question 7.8% (2692 votes)
Question 24 Should the Construction skillcape's perk be changed to unlimited POH teleports?
Yes 81.6% (28155 votes)
No 12.2% (4212 votes)
Skip question 6.4% (2178 votes)

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