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Mini Poll - Miscellaneous Improvements (22-Jul-2021 11:33:06)

This mini poll is based around feedback we've received for recent changes to various aspects of the game.

We've had lots of questions and comments about these issues, and the poll questions below will hopefully address those concerns.

This poll will close on Wednesday 28th July.

Total Number of Votes: 38800

Question 1 Should the Ash Sanctifier award players 100% Prayer XP upon completion of the Elite Kourend & Kebos Diary?
Yes 86.4% (33495 votes)
No 7.4% (2855 votes)
Skip question 6.4% (2450 votes)
Question 2 Should we introduce an additional Amethyst Mining spot in the Mining Guild as pictured in the blog?
Yes 90.2% (34997 votes)
No 6.0% (2302 votes)
Skip question 3.9% (1501 votes)
Question 3 If Question #2 passes and the Amethyst Mining Spot is added to the game, should access be granted as a reward from the Falador Elite Diary, or the Falador Hard Diary? The Falador Hard Diary will still require an additional 200 Unidentified Minerals to gain access from Belona.
Falador Elite Diary 45.8% (17741 votes)
Falador Hard Diary plus 200 Unidentified Minerals 45.6% (17675 votes)
Skip question 8.8% (3384 votes)
Question 4 Should it be possible to trade in unwanted Enhanced Crystal Weapon Seeds for 1,500 Crystal Shards?
Yes 82.6% (32043 votes)
No 8.7% (3343 votes)
Skip question 8.8% (3414 votes)
Question 5 Should Ultimate Ironmen be able to store the Bow of Faerdhinen in a STASH unit, like other accounts can?
Yes 2.7% (1027 votes)
No 0.4% (135 votes)
Skip question 97.1% (37638 votes)
Question 6 Should Ultimate Iron players benefit from being able to store items inside a Looting Bag when within Ferox Enclave and the Wilderness, like other accounts will?
Yes 2.8% (1049 votes)
No 0.4% (124 votes)
Skip question 97.0% (37627 votes)
Question 7 Should we reduce the quantity & weighting for Sourhog Slayer tasks as explained in the blog, from 35-50 Min-Max quantity & 8 weighting, to 15-25 Min-Max quantity & 6 weighting?
Yes 61.8% (23948 votes)
No 9.1% (3497 votes)
Skip question 29.3% (11355 votes)

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