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Tombs of Amascut Masori Armour (27-Jul-2022 13:10:48)

The Tombs of Amascut, Old School's third raid, is nearly here!

We recently revealed the in-game look for one of the new rewards from the raid, the Masori Armour. We received a lot of feedback on the design, so would like to get your opinions on two new concepts.

For more information, be sure to check out the Masori Armour section of the Clue Scroll Helper newspost.

This poll will close on Friday 29th July.

Total Number of Votes: 29458

Question 1 Which of the two concepts for the Masori armour do you prefer? The most popular concept will be used to determine the direction we take for the final in-game model.
Concept A 30.9% (9093 votes)
Concept B 64.0% (18833 votes)
Neither 5.3% (1532 votes)

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