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Old School Content Poll #77: Quality of Life (21-Oct-2022 14:00:42)

It's been a while, but it's that time again; the next Quality of Life poll is finally upon us!

Poll 77 is largely made up of recent suggestions and other frequently requested features.

This poll will close on Thursday 27th October.

Total Number of Votes: 45435

Question 1 Should we allow players with 290 Quest Points to complete the Lumbridge and Draynor Elite Diary Task by speaking to the Wise Old Man, without having to unlock the Quest Cape?
Yes 44.7% (20304 votes)
No 49.6% (22507 votes)
Skip question 5.8% (2624 votes)
Question 2 Should we add Small, Medium, Large and Giant Essence Pouches to the Guardians of the Rift loot table?
Yes 78.5% (35623 votes)
No 16.9% (7676 votes)
Skip question 4.8% (2136 votes)
Question 3 Should we add the option to repair your Essence Pouches at Guardians of the Rift? This would cost 25 pearls to unlock initially and would cost 1 pearl for each repair made this way.
Yes 78.2% (35509 votes)
No 15.7% (7089 votes)
Skip question 6.3% (2837 votes)
Question 4 Should we move some of the vegetation surrounding the Fairy Rings at the Tower of Life and the Legends' Guild for better access?
Yes 80.5% (36532 votes)
No 14.7% (6663 votes)
Skip question 5.0% (2240 votes)
Question 5 Should we allow you to use a Torstol Potion (unf) as an alternative to Torstol when making Antivenom+?
Yes 76.5% (34723 votes)
No 10.4% (4702 votes)
Skip question 13.3% (6010 votes)
Question 6 Should we change the drop rate of the Stale Baguette from the Mystery Box from 1/256 to 1/64?
Yes 56.6% (25685 votes)
No 35.4% (16057 votes)
Skip question 8.2% (3693 votes)
Question 7 Should we allow the Sandwich Lady to give you a 1/64 chance to receive the Stale Baguette when she asks you to pick a Baguette?
Yes 75.6% (34309 votes)
No 19.6% (8899 votes)
Skip question 5.0% (2227 votes)
Question 8 Should we change the drop rate of the Jar of Darkness from 1/2500 to 1/200? This would bring its drop rate in line with other jars.
Yes 80.1% (36380 votes)
No 13.9% (6315 votes)
Skip question 6.1% (2740 votes)
Question 9 Should Charlie the Tramp's Beginner Clue steps allow the player to give him items they've prepared in advance, instead of forcing them to fish and cook new ones?
Yes 84.8% (38485 votes)
No 11.1% (5010 votes)
Skip question 4.3% (1940 votes)
Question 10 Should we remove the random cycle delay when mining ores (excluding Iron, Granite and Sandstone)?
Yes 78.8% (35768 votes)
No 10.7% (4852 votes)
Skip question 10.6% (4815 votes)
Question 11 Should we remove the price scaling mechanic from the Iron version of the Blast Furnace Shop and instead allow Iron players to buy and sell at a fixed price?
Yes 32.6% (14806 votes)
No 3.3% (1496 votes)
Skip question 64.2% (29133 votes)
Question 12 Should Mining Gloves be storable in the Player Owned House?
Yes 90.3% (40987 votes)
No 3.6% (1623 votes)
Skip question 6.3% (2825 votes)
Question 13 If Poll Question #12 passes, should we include space for all three versions of the Mining Gloves to fit separately inside the Armour Case?
Yes 1.8% (794 votes)
No 0.4% (139 votes)
Skip question 98.0% (44502 votes)
Question 14 Should we allow players to store the Fish Sack Barrel as an alternative to the Fish Sack in the Player Owned House?
Yes 84.8% (38514 votes)
No 4.3% (1928 votes)
Skip question 11.0% (4993 votes)
Question 15 Should we enable the Special Attack Orb in the Wilderness, PvP Worlds and PvP minigames?
Yes 63.3% (28759 votes)
No 21.6% (9809 votes)
Skip question 15.2% (6867 votes)

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