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Phantom Boss Rewards (23-Nov-2022 13:09:49)

We recently polled a new mysterious Master-level quest along with a strange phantom boss. Both quest and boss passed with flying colours, so this poll picks up where that one left off. In this poll, you'll be voting on the rewards from the phantom boss!

We also have a few questions covering the upcoming Combat Achievements Expansion and Wilderness Boss Rework.

Be aware that as detailed in the recent Polling Changes blog, poll questions now have a pass rate of 70% rather than 75%.

This poll will close on Tuesday 29th November.

Total Number of Votes: 39137

Question 1 Should the Bloodletter Bow, a ranged weapon that excels at damaging multiple targets, be added as a drop from the mysterious phantom boss?
Yes 85.2% (33341 votes)
No 11.3% (4398 votes)
Skip question 3.6% (1398 votes)
Question 2 If the Bloodletter Bow is added to the game, should it be in the form of a different ranged weapon? The highest voted option will win and be added to the game.
Keep it as a bow 45.2% (17681 votes)
Change it to a thrown weapon 30.4% (11861 votes)
Change it to a ballista 24.6% (9595 votes)
Question 3 Should the Soulblight Icon and Sceptre be added to the game? The Icon can be combined with the Ancient Staff to upgrade it into the more powerful Soulblight Sceptre.
Yes 85.3% (33350 votes)
No 9.4% (3640 votes)
Skip question 5.5% (2147 votes)
Question 4 Should the Saturated Heart, an upgraded version of the Imbued Heart created by combining it with Phantom Essence, be added to the game?
Yes 83.9% (32799 votes)
No 11.2% (4370 votes)
Skip question 5.1% (1968 votes)
Question 5 If the Saturated Heart is added to the game, should it also be given the Divine potion effect? This would prevent natural stat drain during the duration of the Saturated Heart's buff effect.
Yes 79.2% (30979 votes)
No 14.3% (5565 votes)
Skip question 6.7% (2593 votes)
Question 6 Should Magister's Brews, an upgraded version of Ancient Brews created by combining them with Phantom Essence, be added to the game?
Yes 76.9% (30063 votes)
No 14.2% (5521 votes)
Skip question 9.1% (3553 votes)
Question 7 Should we improve the 'Like A Boss' bonuses and God Wars Kill Count Reduction rewards currently offered from Combat Achievements?
Yes 86.8% (33946 votes)
No 7.4% (2859 votes)
Skip question 6.0% (2332 votes)
Question 8 Should Craw's Bow, Viggora's Chainmace and Thammaron's Sceptre be dropped 5x more frequently by Revenants when on a Revenants Slayer task?
Yes 75.4% (29501 votes)
No 18.6% (7272 votes)
Skip question 6.1% (2364 votes)
Question 9 Which of these methods would you like to see as a way to make Revenant weapons (Craw's Bow, Viggora's Chainmace and Thammmaron's Sceptre) more obtainable? The highest-voted option will win.
Increase the base drop rates of Revenant weapons, by an amount to be determined by the outcome of Poll Question #10. This would stack with the Wilderness Slayer task buff if Poll Question #8 passes. 37.3% (14562 votes)
Include a 'Revenant table' on the reworked Wilderness bosses. When rolling for drops, if players roll onto this 'Revenant' table they'd have an equal chance at receiving the new weapon attachment or its associated base weapon and a lower chance of receiving a different base weapon. 33.6% (13126 votes)
No preference 29.3% (11449 votes)
Question 10 If the base drop rates of Revenant weapons are to be improved, how much should they be improved by? The highest-voted option will win.
20% 25.4% (9940 votes)
30% 11.0% (4304 votes)
40% 4.6% (1776 votes)
50% 41.0% (16036 votes)
Skip question 18.1% (7081 votes)

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