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New Skill (10-Dec-2022 21:23:42)

As announced at the Winter Summit, we'd like to propose adding a new skill to the game. At this early stage, we're looking to answer one simple question: Do you want to see a new skill added to Old School RuneScape?

If this question passes, you can expect us to use future polls and community consultation to help shape the skill throughout 2023.

This poll will close on Friday 16th December.

Total Number of Votes: 191172

Question 1 Should a new skill be added to the game? If this passes we'll follow the revised polling structure, working closely with the community to determine the details of the skill through future polls and consultation, as described in the blog.
Yes 80.6% (153941 votes)
No 19.1% (36445 votes)
Skip question 0.5% (786 votes)

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