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Forestry: The Way of the Forester - Gameplay & Rewards (01-Mar-2023 13:00:21)

Forestry: The Way of the Forester, a Woodcutting expansion that will have you interacting with Gielinor's flora and fauna in ways we've never seen before!

With a whopping 90% pass rate, you'll be getting back to nature real soon, deepening your connection with the forests you frequent and tending to the world's woodland - while still reaping all the rewards Woodcutting has to offer.

This poll will let you vote on the gameplay, items and new rewards that you want to be added into the new expansion, so make sure to read the Forestry Overview and update newspost before casting your votes!

This poll will close on Wednesday 8th March.

Total Number of Votes: 92315

Question 1 Should we change the behaviour of how trees spawn/despawn so a timer begins from the first cut and regenerates if the player stops cutting? This would remove resource competition for Woodcutting.
Yes 84.4% (77852 votes)
No 12.4% (11413 votes)
Skip question 3.4% (3050 votes)
Question 2 Should players chopping the same tree receive an invisible bonus to Woodcutting? This would be limited up to 10 players.
Yes 78.0% (72002 votes)
No 19.3% (17779 votes)
Skip question 2.8% (2534 votes)
Question 3 Should we introduce the Forestry Kit, a wearable back-slot item that would hold all materials needed for Forestry?
Yes 91.2% (84156 votes)
No 7.1% (6505 votes)
Skip question 1.8% (1654 votes)
Question 4 Should we introduce the Clothes Pouch, an object that will store the Lumberjack outfit pieces within and allow you to gain the bonuses whilst wearing other items? The bonus from the Clothes Pouch will prioritise over any other effects.
Yes 70.7% (65218 votes)
No 24.7% (22796 votes)
Skip question 4.7% (4301 votes)
Question 5 Should we introduce the Forester's Ration, a new item that when consumed restores run energy after chopping down a tree? This item will also increase the bonus received if consumed at a Campfire.
Yes 73.1% (67454 votes)
No 19.7% (18136 votes)
Skip question 7.3% (6725 votes)
Question 6 Should we introduce the Secateurs Attachment, a new consumable item for the Forestry Kit that helps you gather more leaves?
Yes 82.8% (76362 votes)
No 10.5% (9648 votes)
Skip question 6.9% (6305 votes)
Question 7 Should we introduce the Nature Offering, a new tradeable consumable, that allows you to get extra resources when cutting trees? The chance will increase based on the number of other Foresters cutting the same tree (up to 10).
Yes 78.2% (72106 votes)
No 16.5% (15220 votes)
Skip question 5.5% (4989 votes)
Question 8 Should we introduce Forestry Events? These will appear while collecting logs (in the overworld) and all players can interact with them to gain rewards.
Yes 90.2% (83192 votes)
No 7.6% (6927 votes)
Skip question 2.4% (2196 votes)
Question 9 Should we expand the systems behind gathering leaves? This will include more varieties of leaves, give each leaf type a unique bonus that contributes towards campfires and tea-brewing and makes all leaves tradeable on the Grand Exchange.
Yes 81.4% (75107 votes)
No 12.1% (11084 votes)
Skip question 6.7% (6124 votes)
Question 10 Should we explore the idea of Campfires? Lighting a fire and adding a number of the same leaves will give a temporary bonus to all players near the campfire, dependent on the leaf type.
Yes 83.0% (76554 votes)
No 12.6% (11569 votes)
Skip question 4.6% (4192 votes)
Question 11 Should Iron Players benefit from other player's Campfire boosts?
Yes 22.4% (20644 votes)
No 9.7% (8943 votes)
Skip question 68.0% (62728 votes)
Question 12 Should we explore the idea of Tea Brewing? Using the leaves from trees, you can create own your own teas in a free-style format in order to create new Teas that give you benefits.
Yes 79.3% (73136 votes)
No 15.1% (13914 votes)
Skip question 5.8% (5265 votes)
Question 13 Should we introduce the Log Basket, a new untradeable, wearable reward from Forestry that can store up to 28 Logs?
Yes 92.3% (85189 votes)
No 6.2% (5713 votes)
Skip question 1.6% (1413 votes)
Question 14 Should we introduce the Sturdy Harness, a new tradeable item that combines the Log Basket and the Forestry Kit to create a wearable item with the benefits of both?
Yes 86.1% (79418 votes)
No 10.7% (9810 votes)
Skip question 3.4% (3087 votes)
Question 15 Should we introduce the Forester Outfit & Recolours as a reward from Forestry? This would be an untradeable cosmetic override to the Lumberjack Outfit and feature multiple recolours.
Yes 90.1% (83173 votes)
No 6.9% (6342 votes)
Skip question 3.1% (2800 votes)
Question 16 Should we include 2H Axes (of different metals) as a reward from Forestry? This would offer more experience than normal axes while receiving fewer logs.
Yes 85.4% (78770 votes)
No 11.6% (10663 votes)
Skip question 3.2% (2882 votes)
Question 17 Should we offer the Funky-Shaped Log as a reward from Forestry? This untradeable item can be given to a Beaver to unlock transmog options.
Yes 90.1% (83173 votes)
No 6.5% (5927 votes)
Skip question 3.5% (3215 votes)
Question 18 Should we include the Bee Box as a reward from Forestry? An object for your Player-Owned House that would allow you to keep Bees inside your home.
Yes 87.9% (81114 votes)
No 7.8% (7156 votes)
Skip question 4.4% (4045 votes)

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