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Varlamore Reward Changes (15-Jan-2024 14:43:46)

With the first batch of Varlamore content right around the corner, we're reviewing some of the rewards on offer in this new area.

Although everything passed the original polls, we feel that there's still room for a few small improvements - accordingly, we want to present you with the opportunity to vote these improvements into the game.

This poll will close on Friday 19th January.

Total Number of Votes: 50131

Question 1 Should we adjust the Glaive of Ralos, as described in the blog? This means increasing its Ranged Strength from 45 to 55 and clamping its damage at 75% of your max hit, up from 50%.
Yes 78.2% (39200 votes)
No 10.0% (4966 votes)
Skip question 11.9% (5965 votes)
Question 2 Should we allow Echo Crystals to be used on the Toktz-ket-xil, Malediction Ward and Odium Ward instead of the Guardian Boots? Combining the Echo Crystals with these shields would add a 3x3 AoE recoil effect, consume a charge for each recoil activation, and add a +2 Prayer bonus.
Yes 61.8% (30976 votes)
No 25.5% (12760 votes)
Skip question 12.8% (6395 votes)
Question 3 Should we add the option to freely interchange the Runes in your Rune Pouch, while the bank menu is open? This will include four loadout options for you to customise.
Yes 97.1% (48670 votes)
No 2.1% (1027 votes)
Skip question 0.9% (434 votes)

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