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Defender of Varrock, Varlamore Rewards & More (02-Feb-2024 10:20:48)

On the back of the recent Winter Summit and all of it's major reveals, we're here to discuss some of the upcoming rewards from Defender of Varrock and Varlamore: Part One alongside some extras!

This includes questions surrounding the Zombie Axe, Echo Crystals, Sulphur Blades and Torag's Hammers.

This poll will close on Friday 9th February.

Total Number of Votes: 65592

Question 1 Should the Zombie Axe, a new unique weapon drop aimed at mid-level play obtainable after completing Defender of Varrock, have the requirements and features as described in the newspost?
Yes 84.6% (55436 votes)
No 9.3% (6050 votes)
Skip question 6.3% (4106 votes)
Question 2 Which item/s should the Echo Crystals from the Fortis Colosseum be attched to? Combining the Echo Crystals with the item/s would add a 3x3 AoE recoil effect, consume a charge for each recoil activation, and add a +2 Prayer bonus.
Guardian Boots 47.1% (30872 votes)
Toktz-ket-xil, Malediction Ward and Odium Ward 39.8% (26095 votes)
Skip question 13.2% (8625 votes)
Question 3 Should we introduce the Sulphur Blades to Perilous Moons? This weapon will drop from a new Slayer monster found in the dungeon and be two-handed slash weapon.
Yes 86.7% (56818 votes)
No 8.4% (5461 votes)
Skip question 5.1% (3313 votes)
Question 4 Should we change the Torag's Hammers to hit with 2 hitsplats instead of 1? This would not change your current DPS or Max Hit with the Torag's Hammers.
Yes 85.6% (56121 votes)
No 10.5% (6873 votes)
Skip question 4.0% (2598 votes)

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