Grand Exchange

Most Valuable Trades

Top 100 most valuable traded items (highest trade price)

Trade Price
Item Members Icon Change Min Average Max
Hazelmere's signet ringHazelmere's signet rin... Yes 0 2.1b 2.1b 2.1b
Blood dyeBlood dye Yes 0 2.1b 2.1b 2.1b
Red hallowe'en maskRed hallowe'en mask 0 2.1b 2.1b 2.1b
Blue hallowe'en maskBlue hallowe'en mask 0 2.1b 2.1b 2.1b
Green hallowe'en maskGreen hallowe'en mask 0 2.1b 2.1b 2.1b
Santa hatSanta hat 30.5k 2.1b 2.1b 2.1b
Christmas scytheChristmas scythe 0 2.0b 2.1b 2.1b
Ice dyeIce dye Yes 0 1.8b 1.8b 1.9b
Seren godbowSeren godbow Yes 68.6m 1.8b 1.8b 1.9b
Greater Ricochet ability codexGreater Ricochet abili... Yes - 13.3m 1.6b 1.7b 1.8b
Off-hand Blightbound crossbowOff-hand Blightbound c... Yes - 16.4m 1.4b 1.5b 1.6b
Guildmaster Tony's mattockGuildmaster Tony's mat... Yes 0 1.3b 1.4b 1.4b
Zombie walk override tokenZombie walk override t... 0 980.0m 1.1b 1.2b
Shadow dyeShadow dye Yes 32.3m 1.0b 1.1b 1.2b
Wand of the praesulWand of the praesul Yes 45.3m 985.9m 1.0b 1.0b
Blightbound crossbowBlightbound crossbow Yes - 42.2m 912.1m 940.7m 969.3m
Eldritch crossbow stockEldritch crossbow stoc... Yes 0 922.5m 937.3m 952.0m
Eldritch crossbow mechanismEldritch crossbow mech... Yes - 14.1m 846.5m 891.0m 935.6m
Praesul codexPraesul codex Yes - 19.4m 852.0m 882.9m 913.8m
Eldritch crossbow limbEldritch crossbow limb... Yes 33.7m 835.5m 858.7m 881.9m
Plague doctor walk override tokenPlague doctor walk ove... 0 528.9m 705.2m 881.4m
Second-Age platelegsSecond-Age platelegs Yes 0 699.0m 716.5m 733.9m
Second-Age robe bottomSecond-Age robe bottom... Yes 0 697.5m 714.9m 732.4m
Second-Age robe topSecond-Age robe top Yes 0 678.6m 695.5m 712.5m
PumpkinPumpkin 0 678.5m 678.5m 678.5m
Easter eggEaster egg 0 671.9m 671.9m 671.9m
Abomination capeAbomination cape Yes 0 627.2m 642.8m 658.5m
Imperium coreImperium core Yes 58.0m 602.0m 624.6m 647.1m
Zaros godswordZaros godsword Yes 17.0m 525.8m 566.8m 607.8m
Terrasaur maulTerrasaur maul Yes - 62.4m 519.1m 547.2m 575.3m
Hexhunter bowHexhunter bow Yes 0 465.6m 517.4m 569.1m
Third age platelegsThird age platelegs Yes 20.6m 512.7m 525.5m 538.3m
Elite sirenic hauberkElite sirenic hauberk Yes 15.2m 472.9m 498.9m 525.0m
Second-Age platebodySecond-Age platebody Yes 0 466.6m 478.3m 490.0m
Staff of SliskeStaff of Sliske Yes 34.8m 416.5m 443.8m 471.1m
Greater Barge ability codexGreater Barge ability ... Yes 17.6m 440.0m 453.0m 466.0m
Third age druidic wreathThird age druidic wrea... Yes 0 438.3m 449.2m 460.2m
Masterwork Spear of AnnihilationMasterwork Spear of An... Yes 22.0m 362.7m 398.9m 435.0m
Dark Shard of LengDark Shard of Leng Yes 36.3m 390.5m 409.5m 428.6m
Seismic singularitySeismic singularity Yes 35.7m 385.1m 405.4m 425.7m
Torva armour setTorva armour set Yes 0 400.0m 403.5m 407.0m
Shadowy eggShadowy egg Yes 0 350.0m 358.8m 367.5m
Intricate ice chestIntricate ice chest Yes 0 331.3m 339.6m 347.9m
Third age amuletThird age amulet Yes 0 312.8m 329.3m 345.7m
Elite sirenic chapsElite sirenic chaps Yes 13.3m 311.0m 327.4m 343.7m
Dark Sliver of LengDark Sliver of Leng Yes 14.0m 311.7m 319.0m 326.4m
Inquisitor staffInquisitor staff Yes 7.4m 294.5m 309.1m 323.7m
Erethdor's grimoireErethdor's grimoire Yes - 12.8m 293.3m 307.4m 321.6m
Essence of Finality amuletEssence of Finality am... Yes - 10.1m 293.0m 301.3m 309.5m
Intricate blood stained chestIntricate blood staine... Yes 0 289.5m 296.8m 304.0m
Noxious scytheNoxious scythe Yes - 5.9m 280.0m 287.3m 294.7m
Greater Fury ability codexGreater Fury ability c... Yes 10.2m 256.1m 269.6m 283.0m
Barrows dyeBarrows dye Yes 9.9m 245.5m 263.6m 281.7m
Khopesh of ElidinisKhopesh of Elidinis Yes - 27.7m 243.6m 256.8m 269.9m
Third age platebodyThird age platebody Yes 0 240.1m 252.7m 265.3m
Second-Age range legsSecond-Age range legs Yes 0 251.3m 257.6m 263.9m
Seismic wandSeismic wand Yes 9.9m 228.6m 245.9m 263.1m
Intricate shadow chestIntricate shadow chest... Yes 0 237.9m 250.5m 263.0m
Second-Age range topSecond-Age range top Yes 0 236.9m 242.9m 248.8m
Christmas tree hatChristmas tree hat 0 235.0m 241.0m 247.0m
Elite tectonic robe topElite tectonic robe to... Yes - 2.7m 222.3m 234.0m 245.7m
Trimmed masterwork platebodyTrimmed masterwork pla... Yes - 1.9m 218.5m 230.0m 241.5m
Statius's warhammerStatius's warhammer Yes 0 235.4m 235.4m 235.4m
Second-Age bowSecond-Age bow Yes 0 208.0m 219.0m 229.9m
Cloak of SeasonsCloak of Seasons 0 217.8m 217.8m 217.8m
Shadow spikeShadow spike Yes - 5.8m 188.5m 198.7m 208.9m
Torva platebodyTorva platebody Yes - 4.3m 171.7m 178.4m 185.2m
Greater Chain ability codexGreater Chain ability ... Yes - 3.5m 164.4m 174.2m 183.9m
Chest of SeasonsChest of Seasons 0 146.5m 164.8m 183.1m
Second-Age swordSecond-Age sword Yes 0 163.8m 172.4m 181.0m
Second-Age staffSecond-Age staff Yes 0 163.5m 172.1m 180.7m
Khopesh of TumekenKhopesh of Tumeken Yes - 9.1m 165.8m 172.1m 178.3m
Elite sirenic maskElite sirenic mask Yes 400.8k 159.8m 168.3m 176.7m
Off-hand ascension crossbowOff-hand ascension cro... Yes - 1.4m 160.0m 168.2m 176.3m
Ascension crossbowAscension crossbow Yes 91.0k 160.0m 167.5m 175.0m
Demonic title scroll (frostborn)Demonic title scroll (... Yes 0 162.4m 166.4m 170.5m
Intricate smoke-shrouded chestIntricate smoke-shroud... Yes 0 156.5m 160.4m 164.3m
Alchemical hydrix broochAlchemical hydrix broo... Yes 0 150.0m 156.0m 162.1m
Noxious staffNoxious staff Yes 11.5m 140.3m 149.2m 158.1m
Ingenuity of the Humans ability codexIngenuity of the Human... Yes - 2.9m 143.2m 149.6m 156.0m
Brooch of the GodsBrooch of the Gods Yes - 1.8m 146.5m 150.5m 154.5m
Volcanic fragmentsVolcanic fragments Yes 0 145.7m 149.3m 153.0m
Alchemical hydrixAlchemical hydrix Yes - 1.9m 145.0m 148.7m 152.4m
Third age druidic robe topThird age druidic robe... Yes 0 151.9m 151.9m 151.9m
Elite tectonic robe bottomElite tectonic robe bo... Yes - 202.6k 133.4m 140.4m 147.4m
Greater Concentrated blast ability codexGreater Concentrated b... Yes 2.3m 126.9m 136.0m 145.1m
Trimmed masterwork platelegsTrimmed masterwork pla... Yes 0 129.8m 136.6m 143.5m
Noxious longbowNoxious longbow Yes - 2.4m 131.7m 135.4m 139.1m
Dormant Zaros godswordDormant Zaros godsword... Yes 0 121.4m 127.8m 134.2m
Spider legSpider leg Yes - 4.2m 123.4m 128.8m 134.1m
Gem crown tokenGem crown token 0 105.3m 118.4m 131.6m
Crown of SeasonsCrown of Seasons 1.8m 117.0m 124.1m 131.2m
Tribal finTribal fin Yes 0 114.8m 117.7m 120.5m
Inquisitor's staff rodInquisitor's staff rod... Yes - 5.6m 113.5m 116.1m 118.8m
Easter egg follower pet tokenEaster egg follower pe... 0 110.8m 113.6m 116.3m
Inquisitor's staff censerInquisitor's staff cen... Yes 0 115.8m 115.8m 115.8m
Inquisitor's staff ornamentInquisitor's staff orn... Yes 0 115.6m 115.6m 115.6m
Christmas jumper token (Party hat)Christmas jumper token... 0 78.6m 96.3m 114.0m
Second-Age full helmSecond-Age full helm Yes 0 107.3m 110.0m 112.7m
Torva platelegsTorva platelegs Yes - 1.1m 103.4m 108.0m 112.5m