1 year of RuneScape Members

Today is exactly 1 year since we launched RuneScape Members. So a big big thank-you to everyone who has supported us, and has helped us get this far.

It's been an amazing year, and RuneScape has really come a long way. Since the initial members launch we've added 19 new members quests, new skills like agility, fletching and thieving, plus loads and loads of new map areas, monsters and other little features. Last year also saw the launch of our new website, and our customer support service.

Next year should be even better, as well as lots of new quests we're also planning some truly huge updates once our new graphics and scripting engines are complete.

We have now 17 full-time staff working at Jagex dedicated to improving and supporting RuneScape, compared to just 3 this time last year. That should give you some idea of how far we've come, and how exciting the next year should be.

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