Sanctum of Rebirth Coming July 22!

Sanctum of Rebirth Coming July 22!

Sanctum of Rebirth, our first ever Boss Dungeon, arrives on July 22 2024!

Prepare for the Sanctum of Rebirth with new Underworld Hard & Elite Area Tasks, arriving the week before release on July 15 2024.

Requirements To Play

To access the Sanctum of Rebirth you will need to complete a short quest that will be launched with the Sanctum to access that quest you need the have done the following.

  • Necromancy! Quest
    • This is Necromancy’s tutorial quest, which has no requirements.

Venture into the Sanctum

Journey into the depths of the Underworld with RuneScape's first Boss Dungeon, the Sanctum of Rebirth.

Governed by Amascut and her loyal beings, the Sanctum of Rebirth once stood as a sacred temple where many souls would go to face their final judgement. New whispers from the shadows suggest that this temple may still be active.

Discover the entrance to the Sanctum and confront Amascut's powerful soul devourers; Vermyx, Kezalam, and REDACTED.

The First Boss Dungeon

Face three bosses back-to-back – no mobs, just pure bossing action – either solo or with up to 3 other friends. (and all get loot)

Venture into the Sanctum on Normal mode with a new respawn based death mechanic or showcase your mastery on Hard Mode.

Death is not failure

The Sanctum of Rebirth is designed to be mechanically challenging but accessible through a unique Resurrection mechanic for Normal difficulty.

Upon death in Normal Mode, rather than returning to Death’s Office, you’ll be resurrected on the spot – but with significantly reduced damage for a short time as you shake off your Resurrection Sickness.

These unique powers of the Sanctum provide the perfect opportunity to learn the fights and hone in your execution. You'll still need some skill to succeed in the Sanctum, but with a little tenacity, you can stay in the fight.

Powerful Rewards

Face the Sanctum for the chance to acquire a multitude of powerful new rewards including T95 Dual Wield Magic Weapons. Hard Mode increases your chance at finding these rewards, as well as a couple of Hard Mode exclusive drops. We'll let you uncover what rewards await in the Sanctum on release day.

Each slain boss will earn you rewards from the Sanctum of Rebirth’s boss drop table.

When can I find out more?

We’re trying something a little different with this update by backing off on the tell-all approach we usually take near release. There’s a magic in that discovery of a day one update, so we’re testing some changes to our communication to see how it goes. As with the Right Click Examine series alongside development, this won't affect what information we release to involve player feedback in our pre-release work!

While we’ll drop a few extra tidbits in the run up to release, you’ll hear more details on the Sanctum on release day – with the launch of a new blog and dev diary. Even then, you’ll need to look to the community for some of the extra details to discover within the Sanctum!

We can’t wait to see what you make of the Sanctum of Rebirth, our new Boss Dungeon, when it arrives on July 22 2024.

- The RuneScape Team

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