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The Ninjas have been extra-busy, bringing you a bumper batch of fixes, tweaks and new rewards for Fist of Guthix and a centralised solution for RuneScape's array of toggles.

Read on to find out more!

Fist of Guthix

If you've not played if before, Fist of Guthix is a multiplayer minigame where players take turns being hunter and hunted, chasing down their quarry or gathering as much primal energy as they can.

Today's changes mean that the minigame is easier to access, better balanced and more rewarding than ever before – plus, from Thursday, it'll be in the Minigame Spotlight.

Fist of Guthix novices should head over to the Gamers' Grotto entrance - now situated between the Falador Lodestone and the Dwarven Camp. It's safe, so you won't lose your gear when you die – get stuck in and give it a go!

Please note that Fist of Guthix is not available to Ironman accounts.

If you've played before, see the long list of changes below for details of how Fist of Guthix has been improved:


  • Four new pairs of runecrafting gloves - which double XP gain when their matching runes are crafted – are available. Like others of their kind, these degrade to dust after using 1000 essence:
    • Fire gloves | 40 Runecrafting | 75 tokens
    • Chaos gloves | 50 Runecrafting | 150 tokens
    • Death gloves | 92 Runecrafting | 200 tokens
    • Blood gloves | 94 Runecrafting | 200 tokens
  • Three new sets of herb gloves are available. These give a 50% chance of any herb drop you receive from a monster being its related herb. This lasts for 100 drops of the herb type in question, after which the gloves degrade to dust:
    • Lantadyme | 85 Herblore | 300 tokens
    • Dwarf weed | 85 Herblore | 300 tokens
    • Torstol | 90 Herblore | 350 tokens
  • Three new sets of fishing gloves are available. These award additional XP for every fish of their kind caught, and degrade to dust after 1000 catches:
    • Monkfish | 80 Fishing | 200 tokens
    • Cavefish | 92 Fishing | 200 tokens
    • Rocktail | 96 Fishing | 300 tokens
  • Melee tank gauntlets are no longer available from the Fist of Guthix shop. They now drop from the following monsters, do not degrade when dropped to the floor, and are freely tradeable:
    • Bronze | Cave bugs
    • Iron |Lizards
    • Steel | Wall beasts
    • Black |Brine rats
    • Mithril |Mutated zygomites
    • Adamant | Spiritual warriors
    • Rune | Nechryael
    • Dragon | Spiritual mages
  • Dragon-leather coifs are no longer available from the shop, and instead are made with the Crafting skill. Also, they no longer degrade. Existing, degraded coifs can be converted to their new version with a right-click option.
    • Green | 61 Crafting
    • Blue | 69 Crafting
    • Red | 76 Crafting
    • Black | 83 Crafting
    • Royal | 91 Crafting
  • Druidic mage gear now requires 35 Defence. The Magic requirement has been removed.
  • Battle gear is now free-to-play Magic power armour, requiring 50 Defence to wear. The Magic requirement has been removed.
  • Dragon slayer gloves now require 40 Slayer.

Note that the new items listed here will not be available in Stanley Limelight's store for the foreseeable future.

Accessibility/Quality of Life

  • The number of players needed in the lobby to start a game has been reduced from 8 to 4.
  • Players may now use all three combat styles inside the arena, even when hunted.
  • The in-game overlays and shop interface have been given a fresh lick of paint.
  • The Gamers' Grotto entrance has been moved closer to the road between Falador Lodestone and the Dwarven Camp.
  • There is now a two-minute cooldown penalty for forfeiting.
  • The music tracks Guthix's Hunter and Waiting for the Hunt have been reworked.
  • Area sounds and certain sound effects have been updated.
  • Fist of Guthix tokens now have a "convert" option and will no longer be awarded in physical form.


  • Player trails have been disabled.
  • Healing spells and abilities can no longer be used.
  • Excalibur, enhanced Excalibur, the Vampyrism aura and Vampyrism scrimshaw can no longer be taken into the arena.
  • Blood necklaces' healing effects no longer work in the arena.
  • Players can now enter houses with summoned familiars.

Centralised Toggles

The Ninjas have also brought together the majority of RuneScape's many bespoke toggles and switches into one tidy interface today.

Simply hit 'Escape' or click the cog icon on the Ribbon interface, then click 'Game Settings', and the newly repurposed Gameplay tab will be the first thing you see.

Incorporating everything you could need – from basic gameplay options such as combat and interface modes, through to loot beam and player-owned house settings – it's your one-stop shop for customising your game experience.

Handy as the new interface is, there's room yet to expand. If there's anything you'd like to see incorporated, do let us know over on the forums.


Thanks to the RuneScape Ninjas, one of our most venerable minigames is more rewarding and fun than ever before, and the whole game's just that bit sleeker.

Have fun, and – as always - give us your feedback.

The RuneScape Team

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In Other News

Read the patch notes for further detail of today's updates.

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