Fresh Start Worlds - Rediscover RuneScape Together!

Ever wish you could go back to the feeling of those magic early days in an MMO? Well in RuneScape, now you can!

To mark the milestone of 300 million accounts and over two decades since some of you took your first step in Gielinor, we've put together something we call 'Fresh Start Worlds', a special limited-time game mode – and your chance to break new ground all over again!

Take on a totally new character, earn rewards and take that character - including all your progression and drops - into the main game at any time*. Get ready to experience Gielinor as a blank slate this September 26th beginning at 12:00 Game Time!

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The best time to begin again

Whether you’re a regular ‘Scaper seeking new challenges, an experienced player making the return to Gielinor, or even a total newbie setting on your first adventure, Fresh Start Worlds put everyone on a level playing field.

Dive in with a new character and start building your skillset for a totally different adventure in RuneScape with a brand new economy and fresh Grand Exchange. Discover Gielinor again as you grow your skills, quest, craft, battle, and more.

You can gather your friends and explore this new mode together, or forge your own adventure alone – the choice is yours. You can even earn exclusive rewards! Here's the best part: your progressed character and tradeable rewards can be transferred to the main game later.

And, for the more competitive players, a clean slate of HiScores means a second chance at eternal glory on the leaderboards! Compete for World's First and Top 100s for exclusive rewards.

If you could start your adventure over again, what would you do differently? Time to find out!

Faster Leveling

Accelerated XP Boosts and gameplay buffs make skilling up from nothing fast and fun! As the event progresses week-by-week, the XP will increase in small increments - peaking at the 8 week mark - and then gradually reducing towards normal levels as the event begins to come to a close. At it's highest peak, you can expect to see 2.5XP.

On top of that, you'll be able to unlock even more earnable boons as you play in Fresh Start Worlds: everything from accuracy boosts, loyalty auras, double yield chance boosts, and 20% increased chance for double drops are all on the cards. So don't worry if you start your adventure a little later – you’ll soon catch up with your friends!

Fresh Challenges

Throughout Fresh Start Worlds, you’ll be able to earn alternative Skill Capes, skilling pets that come equipped with their very own Gold 'Challenger' Halo and a variety of special rewards as you progress. We've got all the details on those later in the post!

For the competitive among you, the race for World Firsts and Hi-Scores taking place in the first eight weeks will lead you to the special tradeable Challenger Halo! During this competitive phase of the event, Treasure Hunter will be disabled as the competition takes place. Once the competitive period has ended, Treasure Hunter will be re-enabled. Find out more about Hi-Score competitions further down this post.

Once the seasonal game mode has ended, we will transition players back to the main game. You'll be allowed to take your stats, (most) items and game progress back with you - or simply trade your rewards back to your Main! You can also transition back to the main game early if you wish.

(Note: There will be a snapshot of HiScores at the end of the competitive phase to determine who gets which rewards. HiScores will also continue beyond this point).

Tradeable Rare Halo Hunt

Reach eight important milestones on a Fresh Start World and you’ll get the Basic Tradeable Rare Halo of Returning! This shiny item shows that you've really got your stuff together, even when starting from scratch.

Milestones that count towards a Halo of Returning include:

  • Every 500 total level you reach.
  • Every 50 Quest Points.
  • Every 2,000 RuneScore.

There are all sorts of milestones to hit – achieve any eight of them and the Halo is yours!

Progress Points and Rewards

Progress Points are the central currency of the Fresh Start game mode. They can be earned by engaging in the following activities:

  • Leveling Skills
  • Completing Quests
  • Completing Achievements

Total points are made up of the following values:

  • Total Levels x5
  • Total Quest Points x25
  • Total RuneScore

Rack up those progress points to obtain rewards, including gameplay boosts and helpful items!

Players will also have access to a Progression Shop, where they can unlock different rewards based on their own progression track. Many of these rewards can only be traded once, but you can transfer them to your main account, or sell them after the season is over. It's up to you!

Fresh Start Worlds will also include Timeline bonuses that apply to every account in the event, steadily unlocked over the course of the season. These include auras, special buffs, XP boosts and other boosts. They will not be obtainable via Progress Points and will not carry over to the main game.

Fresh Start World Progression Rewards

*Note: Each item in the Reward Shop can only be earned once. Progress Point balancing is still ongoing - we'll provide final figures on the required Points closer to release

Name Item Description How to Earn
Boon of the Companion Pet Legendary Pet with a variety of helpful perks. Unlocked at Progress Points Milestones
Boon of Defence Outfit Hybrid Armour that upgrades as you level up your Defence skill. Unlocked at Progress Points Milestones
Boon of Offence Weapon Hybrid Weapon that upgrades as you level up your combat skills. You can switch it between Melee, Ranged and Magic. Unlocked at Progress Point milestones
Challenger Halo Halo New tradeable items, earned by meeting gameplay challenges and milestones in these worlds only. This is earned by either getting a world first or being in the top 100 of any skill's Hi-Scores
Halo of Returning Halo Tradeable rare Halo, earnable through progress in Fresh Start Worlds Earned via the Halo Hunt
Inverted Skill Capes Alternative Colour Skill Capes Skill Capes earned in the Fresh Start Worlds will have a new, alternative look, with colour schemes flipped.
Note: If traded to another account, you will still need 99 in the skill to use this variant Cape.
Complete skill to 99
Halo Pet Skins Skilling Pet Halos All skilling pets earned in the new Worlds will come equipped with their very own Halo of Returning, exclusive to Fresh Start Worlds.
Note: This reward is given as an Unlock Token that can be traded once to another account (for the purposes of transferring to your Main or another account). This cannot to be sold on the GE. If transferred to another account, the Halo Skill Pet variant will not be usable until that account has unlocked that Skill Pet in the main game.
Earned by getting the respective skill pet in the FSW mode
“The Fresh” (prefix) Competitive Titles Unlocked by earning the Challenger Halo This is earned by either getting a world first or being in the top 100 of any skill's Hi-Scores
World First Broadcasts World First Broadcasts Every world first broadcast… starting anew! Be the first on these new worlds to gain achievements and have your glory broadcast to every world! First to complete task

On top of the rewards you can earn and keep forever, we also have Fresh Start World exclusive 'Boons' to unlock! As you earn Progress Points, you'll earn more of these bonuses - though they won't follow your account back into the main game. Check 'em out below.

Name Item Description
Boon of Endurance Infinite Run Energy Provides infinite run energy.
This is turned off when you leave Fresh Start Worlds.
Boon of Luck Off-Brand Tier 1 Luck Ring.
3 Style Boosts to Melee, Magic and Ranged.
Provides a ring that gives combat style bonuses and grants tier 1 luck, which improves your chances to receive rare rewards from various activities.
This item is removed when you leave Fresh Start Worlds.
Boon of Plenty Treasure Hunter Item Care Package 1:
10 Medium Prismatic Stars
5 Pulse Cores
5 Cinder Cores
50 of each Protean
Provides a collection of items that can help you level your skills. This includes:
- 10 medium prismatic stars, which give you Bonus XP in a skill of your choice.
-5 pulse cores, which grant a +50% XP boost while worn until consumed.
- 5 cinder cores, which grant a +150% Bonus XP burn boost while worn until consumed.
- 50 of each protean item, which can be consumed to grant XP in a specific skill.
Boon of Healing Infinitely reusable food item.
Up to 2200 life points, depending on player level.
Has a 5 minute cooldown.
Provides a cornucopia of food that never depletes. It can heal some life points every 5 minutes.
This item is removed when you leave Fresh Start Worlds.
Boon of Regeneration 5% life points, prayer points and summoning points regeneration per 6 seconds outside of combat. In addition to any other regeneration effects, your life points, prayer points and summoning points regenerate by 5% every 6 seconds while you're outside of combat.
This is turned off when you leave Fresh Start Worlds.
Boon of the Artisan All portable skilling station resource perks. 10% chance to save resources when training Construction, Crafting, Firemaking and Fletching.
10% chance to produce double items when training Cooking, Herblore and Runecrafting.
+10% chance for double progress when training Smithing.
This is turned off when you leave Fresh Start Worlds.
Boon of Banking Item that can be activated from the backpack for 1 hour every day. When clicked while, opens the deposit box interface. Provides a deposit box that can be activated once a day to allow you to deposit items from your backpack to your bank for one hour.
This item is removed when you leave Fresh Start Worlds.
Boon of Ammunition 25% less consumption of arrows, bolts and runes. 25% chance to save your runes, arrows, bolts, darts, throwing knives, throwing axes and javelins in combat.
This is turned off when you leave Fresh Start Worlds.
Boon of Vigour 10% boost to base life points, prayer points and summoning points. Your base life points, prayer points and summoning points are boosted by 10%.
This is turned off when you leave Fresh Start Worlds.
Boon of the Porter Pocket slot item that gives a permanent passive 50% Sign of the Porter effect chance. Provides the challenger porter, which has a 50% chance to transport certain items directly to your bank when you receive them.
This item is removed when you leave Fresh Start Worlds.

World First Race and HiScores challenges

For those of you who are extra competitive and fancy a real challenge, we've prepared a nice one to keep you on your toes. Make your name in the HiScores and you could earn a Special Tradeable Halo for your trouble!

Competitive Reward: Ultra Rare Tradeable Challenger Halo

This very limited Gold Halo reward is exclusive to players who achieve the following by the end of the competitive phase:

  • Competition winners who are the top 100 in each skill

Each player to get a world first broadcast in the following areas will also receive their reward immediately rather than having to wait for the end of the competitive phase:

  • First to 99 in each skill
  • First to 120 in each skill
  • First to Quest Cape
  • First to Max Cape

These Halos can be taken to the main game early. If you achieve multiple competition wins (top 100 in two or more skills), you'll also receive a Challenge Halo for each one - although the title will only be unlocked once!

A few notes on the Competitive phase

  • Bond trading is restricted to buying OR selling 1 bond per week (Wed-Wed)
  • Twitch prime drops follow ironman rules
  • Premier artefact does not work
  • Premier vault follows the ironman drop tables
  • Premier club monthly drops cannot be claimed until after the competitive phase has ended.
  • The Yak Sack item follows ironman rules

When You Can Play

Sound exciting? There's not long to wait – Fresh Start Worlds open on September 26th! Why not call your old friends up for a brand new adventure?

All Fresh Start World accounts are fully fledged RuneScape accounts that will follow you back to the game, including your progression and rewards. In order to play Fresh Start Worlds, you'll need to create a brand new RuneScape account with Membership once the mode launches and select to join 'Fresh Start Worlds'.**

Players will be able to exchange a bond for a "FSW Membership Coupon" to start out their new adventure!

Sign up here now for updates and an opening-day reminder email.

*Please note Fresh Start Worlds characters cannot return to the Fresh Start Worlds event once they are transferred to the main game. Fresh Start Worlds ends on January 9th.

**Note: Ironman Mode is not available in Fresh Start Worlds.

- The RuneScape Team

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