Game Update: Master Crafting & Ninja Strike #2

Game Update: Master Crafting & Ninja Strike #2

Spring is here, and true to form, the Ninja Team are springing into action with a second round of Ninja Strikes! They sure are crafty – and incidentally, that’s what this month’s Master Crafting event is all about. Let’s take a look…

Master Crafting

The Crafting Guild are celebrating their recent renovations by welcoming all players, regardless of level, through their doors for a two-week long Crafting Bonanza! Whether you fancy a bit of glassblowing or a spin on the loom, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Oh, and since you’ll be training under expert craftspeople, you’ll also be getting a sizeable XP boost for any training activities you practice in the Guild. While Crafting during the event, you’ll get a 10% XP boost, and while training any other skill you’ll get a 5% XP boost.

While skilling up anywhere during the event, you’ll receive Master Craft Patches. You’ll receive 10% more Patches while training Crafting and 5% more Patches while training Smithing, Fletching, or Construction. Once you’ve collected enough, you can turn them in to the Master Crafter for rewards, which include some handy tools, a Master Crafter’s outfit, and buffs that’ll last for the duration of the event.

You can also purchase event currency using RuneCoins, and for the first time ever, you’ll be able to exchange Bonds.

While you’re hanging out at the Guild, you might notice that there’ve been a few changes. Most importantly, there’s more workbenches, a loom, and a furnace for more efficient Crafting. Plus, the NPCs hanging around will have some spare items to sell you. And remember – for the duration of the event you can enter the Crafting Guild even if you don’t meet the usual level requirements. It’s your chance to pick up a new skill!

The Master Crafting event will run from March 9th to March 23rd.

Team Ninja Strikes Back!

In the early hours of the morning, we received a mysterious scroll emblazoned with the emblem of the Ninja Team. What adventures have they been on this week? Let’s find out!

One of the early requests for the new Ninja Team was to bring the Charming Imp interface up to date. Previously, it wasn’t always clear which items were worth saving, and which were better exchanged for XP. So, they got to work!

The team realised early on that a drop cleaner interface like the ones used for Herbicide, Seedicide, and the Bonecrusher would make better use of space, so the first step was to switch that over.

The next was to add more valuable information to the interface, which in this case meant a box which shows the exact amount of XP you’ll get when you exchange your charms.

While they were at it, the team added the same information to the interfaces for Herbicide, Seedicide and the Bonecrusher, with the addition of another box which shows the current GE price of the item, so you can see how much it’s really worth before you exchange it.

In addition, individual Spirit Gems can now be toggled on and off for consumption or collection, and each type of Spirit Gem now gives a different amount of XP, which will be shown on the interface.

There’s word on the street of further Ninja activity in the Deep Sea Fishing hub, where some nets have had new options added, and the Artisan’s Workshop, where a certain dwarf has been politely asked to stop interrupting the smiths. It also seems they’ve paid a visit to the Geyser Titan, who’s been informed about the new dragonstone jewellery he needs to recharge.

Want to hear more about what the Ninjas are up to? Check out this week’s Patch Notes.

Got your own challenge for the Ninja Team? Let them know in the Dojo!

Patch Notes

This week we've patched up a few lingering issues from last week's update, including some further changes to Solak and the Combat Academy. To see the full list, check the Patch Notes post here.

Live Streams

Tuesday, March 10th – 17:00 UTC (Game Time) – Road to Archaeology #1

Get your mattocks at the ready and hop on the hype tr…. emm, mine cart! Dr Osborne and his fellow associates at the Varrock Museum are planting their tent at Jagex HQ; and they won’t leave until you learn ALL there is to know about Archaeology. Gotta get ‘em Scapers ready for March 30th!

For the three upcoming weeks until the release of what’s without a doubt the biggest RuneScape update ever (“Expansion level!” as Mod Warden rightly put it), we will take you on the Road to Archaeology. And on this first episode, we’ll dig into Excavating, Restoring, Levelling, Rewards and Qualifications.

Got any questions you’d like us to answer live about Archaeology? Then hop in and send them in the chat!

LootScape will be enabled.

Saturday, March 14th – 14:00 UTC (Game Time) – Featured stream: Spidermash

This week, our featured streamer is Spidermash! He’ll be taking you back to 2002, one skilling challenge at a time, with his original series “lvl locked”!

That’s right, you can receive in-game loot when you watch a RS streamer. It works exactly the same way as our official streams, just watch Spidermash’s stream (his Twitch channel) and you’ll receive the LootScape the following day.

LootScape will be enabled.

Pink Skirts Events

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