New Wilderness Flash Events and Miniquests

New Wilderness Flash Events and Miniquests

New Wilderness Flash Events and Miniquests

The new-look Wilderness is popping off with a slew of skilling and combat events and miniquests!

There’s going to be more to do in the Wilderness this autumn – not just combat! We’re expanding Wilderness skilling with new events spawning regularly to get your XP up. Plus we’re throwing in some new combat encounters, and improved rare drop rates for some existing bosses.

On top of that, we’ve got three new miniquests arriving to bridge the gap between Daughter of Chaos and the final quest of the year.

Here’s what’s happening.

Miniquests – coming October 17th

Three new miniquests will be released in the lead-up to the Daughter of Chaos finale, and they’ll take you deep into the Wilderness! We’re keeping the details under wraps for now, but you’ll need to complete these miniquests to unlock the third, fourth and fifth upgrades to the Infernal Puzzle Box respectively. To get started, head to Adrasteia in Falador and find out how you can help.

The first and second miniquests will release alongside the Wilderness Flash Events system on October 17th, while the third and final miniquest will launch a little later in the year.

Reward Description Quest Notes
Infernal Puzzle Box (tier 3) Wilderness Refresh - Adrenaline will not drain outside of combat. Civil War I unlock Players who have already unlocked this will not lose access to it.
Infernal Puzzle Box (tier 4) Wilderness Flash Events - Brawling gloves give 25% extra experience. Civil War II unlock

Wilderness Flash Events

The Wilderness has just had a refresh and, so far, it's been entirely combat and Slayer-focused. So, we've added a new events system to give a variety of short-form encounters across a range of different skills! This should open the Wilderness up for other players, so we can all enjoy the Wildy together.

War! What Is It Good For?

The Zamorakian Civil War rages on, and the Wilderness is plagued by monstrous creatures from Daemonheim. That means new combat encounters galore!

On top of that, both sides of the demons-versus-Daemonheim conflict need supply runners, so you’ll have loads of new training opportunities as you gather resources from short-lived skilling nodes.

How It Works

The new events will run on a set schedule. The encounter type and location will be decided by the system. All events are members-only. Players should start by visiting the Hosts in Edgeville (Nikkel and the Wandering Ramokee, near the Wilderness Wall).

Each event will have a win condition which scales with the number of players involved. There will also be a time limit that acts as a failure condition.

Many of these encounters will have fairly simple gameplay - we don't want to overload you, especially when you'll be taking the new Wilderness threat system into consideration! Completing events will increase your threat level, so you might not want to hang around much longer afterwards...

The new system also adds combat encounters with King Black Dragon and brings lots of Daemonheim nasties out to play!

None of the events have a quest or skill requirement, but combat levels will not be scaled, so tread carefully!

You'll get a notification five minutes before an encounter spawns. Just hop over the wall to get to the location and complete the job. There will be four encounter types - general skilling (resource gathering), special skilling (new Shooting Star and Evil Tree variants), general combat (killing NPC mobs) and special combat (new miniboss encounter with the King Black Dragon). Encounters can be tackled in groups and will scale to the number of players involved. If you win an encounter, you all get rewards!

Now your threat level is up you can choose to leave the Wilderness, resetting your threat level, or risk staying longer in the area if you're feeling bold. Are you up to speed on the new Wilderness threat system, by the way? Here's the newspost if you need a refresher


  • Wilderness Puzzle Box Upgrade:
    • Boosts to Brawling Gloves - increased XP boost in and outside the Wilderness.
  • Extra loot chances
    • Special events (Evil Tree, Infernal Star and King Black Dragon) give out an extra reward bag that can contain: Draconic visage, Dragon Rider Boots and Gloves. Completing the KBD encounter gives a chance at Last Riders and pet. The chance for Last Riders is significantly improved.
  • Obelisk Shards and Portable Obelisk:
    • Shard - A single use teleport that takes players to a random Wilderness obelisk. If the player has the hard Wilderness Tasks unlocked they'll be able to select which obelisk.
    • The Portable Obelisk is an infinite use version of the Shard.
  • XP for completing events:
    • XP during the events will be token, but if a player 'wins' the encounter, they get a dollop of XP scaled to their appropriate level and their contribution.
  • Obsidian Palmstones
    • Stackable inventory item that prevents Wilderness threat level from increasing after killing things/completing events.
  • Alchemical Onyx Enchantments
    • A Dark Onyx Core will drop from special encounters that can be used to create three enchantments, one for each Alchemical Onyx item. These will be tradeable.
      • Grace of the Elves → Dark Facet of Grace (further reduce skill Prayer drain rate, hold more Porter Stacks)
      • Luck of the Dwarves → Dark Facet of Luck (chance to skip a clue step, chance to get double Reward Caskets, useful clue teleport to the Dwarven Outpost)
      • Passage of the Abyss → Dark Facet of Passage (infinite charges)

New Achievements

Found in a new section in the activities category, Wilderness Flash Events.

There are two new achievements for this update:

  • Walk on the Wildy Side:
    • Tracks the number of events completed by the player.
    • T1 required for Puzzle Box reward, along with Civil War miniquests.
    • T3 required for Trim completion.
  • Far-Reaching and Wild-Ranging:
    • Tracks completion of specific events.
    • Required for completion and teleport from hosts reward.
    • Only last event in a chain is required for the chain events.

The Events

So what's happening? Here's the full list, and what you'll have to do for those rewards.

Event type Event name Game loop
General skilling Surprise Seedlings
Mutated flower seedlings spawn on the ground.
Water them until they're fully grown.
Harvest the fully grown flowers - some will be poisonous, and deal damage when interacted with.
General skilling Butterfly Swarm
A flock of butterflies spawn.
Catch the non-dangerous ones and avoid the dangerous ones - if you catch the dangerous ones (clue: they're a different colour) they'll sting you, dealing poison damage!
General skilling Displaced Energy
Gather Displaced Energy.
General skilling Unnatural Outcrop
A Corrupted Ore outcrop spawns.
Mine it to deplete it.
General skilling Lost Souls
Gather Ectoplasm from Ghosts.
You can also kill Graveside Phantoms to gain Ectoplasm.
Special skilling Evil Bloodwood Tree: Feed
Nurture the Evil Tree sapling!
Harvest bones from nearby skeletons, crush them and feed them to the tree.
Special skilling Evil Bloodwood Tree: Chop
The Tree roots attack nearby players - time to chop it down!
Special skilling Evil Bloodwood Tree: Burn
The Tree dies: set it on fire to properly destroy it.
Keep the bonfire burning until the remains are fully destroyed.
Special skilling Infernal Star: Mine
Get to the centre of the fallen star!
If the centre of the star isn't reached by the end of the event time, it despawns and the linked next event won't start.
Special skilling Infernal Star: Fight
An aggressive swarm of Pyrefiends emerges from the centre of the star.
General combat Forgotten Soldiers A mob of Forgotten Warriors/Mages/Rangers spawns somewhere in the Wilderness.
General combat Ramokee Incursion A mob of Ramokee Deathslingers, Bloodragers, and Stormbringers spawns somewhere in the Wilderness.
General combat Spider Swarm A mob of Spiders (mixed type) spawn.
General combat Hellhound Pack
A mob of Hellhounds spawn.
General combat Demon Stragglers
A mob of Demons spawn somewhere in the Wilderness.
Special combat King Black Dragon Rampage The KBD is infuriated by the disturbances in the wilderness and needs to be defeated!

Day One Schedule

Launch day is October 17th 2022. The schedule from 11:00 Game Time is planned as follows:

Time (Game time) Event
11:00 Spider Swarm
12:00 Unnatural Outcrop
13:00 Demon Stragglers
14:00 Butterfly Swarm
15:00 King Black Dragon Rampage
16:00 Forgotten Soldiers
17:00 Surprising Seedlings
18:00 Hellhound Pack
19:00 Infernal Star
20:00 Lost Souls
21:00 Ramokee Incursion
22:00 Displaced Energy
23:00 Evil Bloodwood Tree

After this point, the schedule repeats.

So, what do you think? Will you be skilling yourself silly, spoiling for a fight or both? See you down at the Wilderness...

- The RuneScape Team

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