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If you're a regular user of our RuneScape Companion Web App, you'll have noticed that it was recently updated to allow Grand Exchange access. If not, now's a great time to give it a go - it's available to free players and members on mobile, tablet or PC, and also lets you keep track of your Friends and Clan chat on the go.

Read on for more information, or log into the RuneScape Companion now and give it a go! You can whether your device is compatible here.

The ability to check your Grand Exchange listings was your most requested feature for the web app, so it was a natural choice for the first new feature.

Updates are tracked live, and you will receive a message in the All Chat channel when a transaction is completed or a significant milestone is reached. You can also get more information on a particular trade, such as guide price, price per item, quantity and total cost. A quick overview of completed transactions is displayed on the Main Menu button.

Some nice usability features have been added too, such as cache clearing, faded messages from previous log-ins, rank icons on the Friends Chat info page, PMod/Premier Club icons, and the ability to remove users from lists by typing in their name. We've also been hard at work optimising the web app and have reduced its loading time considerably.

Finally, we'll have more news on your next most requested feature - the D&D Tracker - very soon!

This is just the first in a series of major updates to the web app that we’re making during 2014, so keep your eyes peeled for further news. Your feedback is really important to us in app's ongoing development, so please let us know what you think over on the forums.

The RuneScape Team

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