RuneScape Rewind and the Gear Guide

A lot can happen in 18 months. Ever the helpful team, we’ve created a series of videos dubbed ‘RuneScape Rewind’ to bring you up to speed.

The first of these videos is led by our very own Mod Osborne and will give you an overview of all of the awesome content and game changes you might have missed. From the introduction of Bonds and Solomon Store changes to quests, Legacy Mode, and the new interface, this video leaves no stone unturned.

There’s a familiar face in our second video; Mod Mark bursts onto your screens armed with information on Divination, mini games, including Heist and Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza, plus he’ll be giving you all the information on bank changes and new lodestones. Well, we couldn’t have you getting lost now, could we?

In the third video Mod Dean slams all of the latest and greatest regarding Combat onto your screen. Along with all of the nitty gritty of Legacy Mode he’ll give you the lowdown on new bosses, Wilderness Warbands, and the Rise of the Six. Plus, he’s keen to let you know where you can find all of our newest high level armour and weapons.

So, if you’re returning to your greatest adventure in the wake of the launch of Legacy Mode now you can catch up on everything you might have missed and launch yourself headfirst into Gielinor again!

The Gear Guide

With our new Gear Guide finding the best gear to equip is easier than ever before and the right weapons, armour, and more can help you to navigate your way through Gielinor.

The Gear Guide allows you to compare item stats and pick out the very best items for your current level; simply select a combat method and skill level to populate a list of all the gear you’ll need.

Try the Gear Guide out for yourself here.

The RuneScape Team

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