Treasure Hunter Changes

Treasure Hunter is Changing

Greetings, adventurers.

Many of you will have been following the gradual alterations we've been making to Treasure Hunter over the last couple of years or so, as we work towards building a better experience for everyone. Now we're ready to roll out further changes that will make Treasure Hunter more transparent and rewarding than ever.

Our new look Treasure Hunter experience will go live on Monday September 27th.

So, what are we doing and why are we doing it?

To address the latter point, we want players to have as clear a picture as possible about the probabilities of receiving prizes, and the kind of XP gain they'll earn as a result. Plus, the prizes themselves are being overhauled and improved while we're at it.

Here's a look at what we're doing.

Probability Disclosure

As you play Treasure Hunter, the probability of winning particular prizes will be calculated and displayed in real time. This information will be presented in a new window replacing the former Categories interface.

Take a look at this before and after:



You'll also notice there have been a number of other minor changes to the interface, including the removal of Alice and other mascots.

Hearts of Ice Discontinuation

A big part of these changes will be the end of Hearts of Ice. We've done this because:

  • Many of our promos now have alternative control methods and transparent probabilities built in
  • The other changes render them redundant
  • They've always been a bit fiddly

Players who are currently holding onto any HoI will be reimbursed with Oddments at a rate of 1 Oddment for every 5 Hearts of Ice (when numbers are uneven, they will be rounded down). There's no upper limit to this conversion.

Other things to note:

  • Should a player own a Heartfreezer Amulet containing unredeemed Hearts of Ice, these will be drained and added to the conversion total. The unlocked cosmetic version of the Amulet will be available from Diango.
  • The same applies to some other legacy HoI objects.

Head here for more information about the discontinuation of Hearts of Ice.

Changes to prizes

The following prizes will be removed from Treasure Hunter:

  • Skilling Outfits (Normal and Elite)
  • Slayer Masks - these will instead be available through Shattered Worlds play
  • Wicked Hood Tokens - now available in the Runespan Shop for 1.5k points each
  • 200m Coins (this has been replaced by a 50m Coin prize, but thanks to the new balancing players will be sure to net more coins in total than previously)
  • Brilliant Alchemist Fragments (fragments that were otherwise lying around have been converted to 250 Oddments each)
  • All cosmetic items except those applicable to a current promotion

Note that cosmetic items from non-active promo items that are part of a set will be listed in the Oddments Store in bundles that are discounted for each owned component (similar to the Felix the Cat outfits).

In contrast, the following prizes will be added:

  • Giant Stars and Giant Lamps (promotional versions of these also exist (i.e. Smouldering Lamps, Bubbling Lamps etc)
  • Huge Coin Pouch (new - values change according total level)
  • Portable Packs (assorted sizes)

We've also given all Lamps and Stars a bit of a graphical makeover, too.


The rate at which items of assorted commonality can be found has also been tweaked.

Promos that contain one-time unlocks will inevitably differ slightly, although positively! And remember that the probabilities will be reflected dynamically in the interface as you play.

We've also increased the Oddment conversion rate for Treasure Hunter prizes to make up for any lost value for Keys in the wake of the Hearts of Ice removal:

Rarity Old Convert New Convert Increase
Common 20 25 25%
Fairly common 50 60 20%
Uncommon 100 120 20%
Rare 250 300 20%
Very rare 750 850 13%

New XP curve

While the new XP curve now scales to 120, the section from 100-120 will only impact those skills which also reach 120 (Archaeology, Dungeoneering, Slayer, Farming, Herblore and Invention).

And that's everything! Once all these changes go live on September 27th, Treasure Hunter will be more transparent than it has ever been before.

Thanks ever so much to all of you who have offered us feedback on Treasure Hunter over the years. We know the road here has been a long one, but we hope you agree that these are all steps in the right direction.

All the best,

- The RuneScape Team

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