Gifts of The Creator Promotion & Discontinuing Hearts of Ice

Gifts of The Creator Promotion & Discontinuing Hearts of Ice

Over the past 18 months, we've been providing more choice and control in Treasure Hunter. Be that through promotions like Diamond Dozen and Ring of Shards, or new mechanics like the Duty of Care update, we're continually looking for ways to ensure Treasure Hunter offers a great experience.

We want to talk about what we're doing next - from our most transparent promotion ever through to some currency refinements that streamline the Treasure Hunter experience even further. Let's dive into it!

New Promotion: Gifts Of The Creator

We're excited to trial a new promotion on Thursday August 26th called Gifts of The Creator, which we believe offers the most transparency and choice in Treasure Hunter to date.

In Gifts of The Creator, spending a Key gives you a clear choice between three options - a Medium Lamp, a Medium Star or 3 Mini Protean Packs (each containing 10 Protean items). For every Key you spend, you are guaranteed these choices without any variation in what you get. It's as simple as that.

On top of the set value of Keys, Gifts of The Creator also contains a Reward Track packed with juicy yellow, orange, red and purple rarity prizes. These additional prizes are given out at set intervals of Keys used during the promotion - every 5 keys you'll get a bonus prize with red and purple prizes guaranteed to appear throughout the reward track!

While the rewards within each rarity are unique to the player, you can always see the next 20 rewards and their rarity ahead of you. We hope this offers a good experience and great value, enabling you to make more educated decisions about how you spend your Keys.

Discontinuing Hearts of Ice

In addition, we've also decided to retire Hearts of Ice from Treasure Hunter within the next few months.

Originally designed (among other things) to freeze out prizes you don't want, Hearts of Ice were originally intended to provide players more control over their potential rewards. However, with the changes we've already made and those outlined above, Hearts of Ice have become increasingly redundant and - for many - a very low value currency compared to something like Oddments. For these reasons, we feel it's best to streamline Treasure Hunter by removing Hearts of Ice and instead focusing squarely on Oddments.

We'll be honouring any Hearts of Ice you currently own and converting them into Oddments at a ratio of 5:1 (Hearts of Ice : Oddments), with no cap on the number that can be converted. If you'd prefer to use your Hearts of Ice instead of converting them, please do so over the weeks ahead - we'll confirm the date of their removal as soon as we know.

As with all our trials, feedback on the Gifts of The Creator experience is crucial. Once you've given it a try, we'd love to hear what you think - either on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Discord or over on our Forums. Thanks in advance for your feedback, and we hope you enjoy these new changes!

- The RuneScape Team

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