WINNERS of the 12th Annual Golden Gnomes!

WINNERS of the 12th Annual Golden Gnomes!

The votes are in and the winners of the 12th Annual Golden Gnome Awards have been revealed! But don’t stress if you missed our Award Ceremony livestream – we’ve got the whole list of all the winners right here.

Once again, we'd like to take a moment to thank everyone in the RuneScape and Old School RuneScape communities for making Gielinor such a wonderful place to play, create and share. We never imagined, 10 years ago, that we'd be here today celebrating such a strong, passionate and vibrant community! We really appreciate you taking the time to champion your fellow 'Scapers in another fantastic edition of the Golden Gnomes.

So without further ado, let’s see your winners!

Video Awards

These creative folks are masters of their craft, earning themselves a prestigious award for their amazing videos:

Streaming Awards

Entertaining and insightful, these creators have been your streaming superstars this year:

Art Awards

These artists have taken their chosen medium to new heights! Congratulations to:

Community Champion

This year’s Community Champion award goes to the RuneScape Art Community or RAC for short!

It is with utmost pleasure that we acknowledge the RAC as an absolute powerhouse in the RuneScape community

From being on the forefront of engaging the swath of Artists/Writers/Musicians around the scene in monthly prompts (check out this months Stained Glass stuff - seriously, its amazing!) to scheduling amazing collaborations such as the Art Fight they have been a constant ocean of wonderful art pieces being made by amazing talented artists

They are an incredibly loving, supporting community that you should absolute become a part of if you have any love of art - even if like me you can't draw for your life!

- The RuneScape Team

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