RuneScape Art Community: Art Fight Roundup

RuneScape Art Community: Art Fight Roundup

Join us as we celebrate the RuneScape Art Community's second annual 'Art Fight' featuring the Phoenix and Black Arm gangs!

What is an Art Fight?

An Art Fight is a 'friendly' competition between two teams of artists in which they 'attack' one another using artwork of their opponent's character. The attacks are scored based on a variety of different criteria, and the team with the most points is declared the victor! Now that we're all on the same page, let's meet the teams! .

Phoenix Gang

Led by the ruthless Dagna and the not-so-ruthless Sir Theodore, the Phoenix gang has set its sights on snuffing out the Black Arm Gang once and for all!

Black Arm Gang

Led by the fearless Enkoro and the wise Prezleek, the Black Arm Gang intend to extinguish the Phoenix Gang's flame and reign supreme!

Black Arm Gang
Art Fight Frames copy.png
prezleek portrait.png
Aeternus Lux

Chaos Elemental

Cyan Cyborg
Chewed Pencil


Attack Showcase

Now that we've met the teams, let's have a little look at some of the art attacks they made!


After a long and arduous fight, with over 1,100 pieces of artwork created, the winners are...

The Black Arm Gang!

With only 23 points between the two teams it was anyone's game right up until the end. Congratulations to the Black Arm Gang, and to the top scorers for both teams!


Among all the fast-paced action, there were a few events that really grabbed our attention! Let's take a look!

R.A.C High by Nicki

Nicki kicked off what can only be described as a High School Anime arc - how many artists and characters do you recognize?

Image Image Image
Image Image Image
Image Image Image

Seakara's Doll House

Seakara decided to turn their enemies into adorable plushies!

Image Image Image Image
Image Image Image Image

Siroquois's Slaughter of the Black Arm

In a bold opening volley, Siro hit every single one of the Black Arm Gang in quick succession and then dipped from the event as there was no one left to challenge them.

Double Agent Willoway

Friendly Fire ain't so friendly when you switch sides! Mid-event, Willoway jumped ship to the Black Arm Gang, cinching them the win! For real though, huge thanks to Willoway for stepping up and swapping teams to keep the rosters equal. You're an absolute star!

Sir Spriggan and the Thousand Year Door

Sir Spriggan, one of the Phonix Gang's powerhouses, used a super-cute Paper Mario style to great effect!

Attack on Jaxyys

The honorary award for 'most under fire' goes to Jaxyys, who seems to have been attacked by literally everyone else in the Art Fight!

To see more fantastic art, check out the full organized album Here!

Special Thanks from the Mod Team

The RuneScape Art Community has once again shown us how versatile and amazing they are. It's been a blast seeing all your amazing artwork and we'd like to thank all the contributors and the R.A.C. mod team for putting on such a brilliant event. We all look forward to seeing how next year's fight turns out!

This has been an absolutely wonderful event! For the last two months the discord has been a haven of beautiful artwork, charming stories and absolute paragons of the RuneScape community, with so many interesting and unique stories to see. I'm absolutely stoked to see what you all come up with next! - Mod Azanna

I want to send a big thank you to all of R.A.C. and especially the amazing mod team that was running this years Art Fight. It was incredibly exciting and wholesome to take part in and I'm so glad I joined. Everyone created such amazing artwork, all the way from drawings and written masterpieces to Minecraft skins and songs! Of course, I have to give the biggest shoutout to my team, Black Arm Gang. You killed it! 🖤 But you were all incredible and I'm looking forward to next time. - Mod Blkwitch

Well done to all fighters and the R.A.C. mod team for making Art Fight so much fun! Waking up to new artwork always put me in a great mood, and the jokes being cracked in the Art Fight chat pretty much daily had me WHEEZING. I seriously loved seeing all the incredible art and stories roll in and I'm so proud of my lovely Phoenixes! I especially love the origin story of Blkwitch and I becoming friends over our shenanigans. Stay chaotic! (heart) - Mod Dragon

- The RuneScape Team

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