Crystal Capsules

Crystal Capsules

Greetings! Head over to Treasure Hunter this week from September 13th (00:00 game time) through to September 17th (23:59 game time) to take a look at the new Crystal Capsules!

Open up Treasure Hunter and you’ll see a panel detailing the rarities of crystals you can claim, and a selection of eight crystals that are unlocked with keys – these contain all the prizes! Keep an eye out for the rare shadow gem, which rewards fabulous prizes:

- Shadow gem necklace
- Shadow gem cape
- Shadow gem crown
- Shadow gem sack
- Various Protean items
- 10 free keys!

Not happy about the rarity of the prizes you have in front of you? Well, good news – you can reset your pool, providing you meet the following requirements:

- You’ve unlocked at least four gems in the current pool
- You have 100 hearts of ice, which will be consumed
- There is no unlocked shadow gem in the pool - it must be unlocked before the pool can be reset.

Good luck everyone and enjoy!

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