Play Fresh Start Worlds In 4 Quick Steps

Fresh Start Worlds is a special, limited-time game mode where everyone can re-experience the magic of RuneScape on equal footing! You’ll get to start a completely new adventure with a fresh character, enjoy gameplay bonuses like accelerated XP rates, and earn fantastic rewards. The best part is that you can bring all your progression and drops to the main game, at any time you choose!*

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to return to RuneScape or try the game for the first time: now is that moment!

You can find all the details in our dedicated news post, but for now, here’s a quick-start guide!

How To Play

1. Create a brand new account

First things first, you’ll need to use the link above to create a brand-new RuneScape account. You cannot use an existing account to play Fresh Start Worlds.

If you have an existing account, you'll need to use a different email for your new one. We recommend firing up a free email service (like Gmail) for your new account.

2. Add Membership to your new account

Check out Membership Packages here. Existing players can also convert Bonds into Membership Passcodes for use in Fresh Start Worlds. Find out how here. If you've converted a Bond, you can redeem your FSW Passcode here.

3. Download the RuneScape Client

Thankfully it's a super small download! Get it here for Desktop or search 'RuneScape' on the App Store or Google Play Store. You can also play on the Beta Jagex Launcher, which you can find here.

4. Log In and Select 'Fresh Start Worlds'

You will see this before being asked to design your hero. Make sure not to play your new account in any other mode or you won’t have this option!

Support and Guidance

Whether you’re a total newbie or a returning player, there’s loads of support out there to help you get to grips with RuneScape. Here's a few recommendations to get you started.

  • RuneScape Wiki: Packed full of guides, including ones specifically tailored towards Fresh Start Worlds returners!
  • Our Official Discord: Helpful players who can respond in real time. Check out our dedicated #FSW channels when you arrive.
  • Need more detailed support? Our FAQ has all the answers.

    On behalf of everyone on the RuneScape team, welcome (back!) to RuneScape - we're so excited to start this fresh adventure with you!

    *Note: Fresh Start Worlds launches September 26th at 12:00 Game Time and ends January 9th at 12:00 Game Time. Your account will be automatically transferred from Fresh Start Worlds once the event expires. Fresh Start Worlds characters cannot return to the Fresh Start Worlds event once they are transferred to the main game.

    - The RuneScape Team

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