Solomonís General Store: Loyalty Points Rebalance

Greetings, adventurer.

Last month, I made the decision that many of the items in my store should be available in exchange for not only RuneCoins, but Loyalty Points too. Alas, there was a sentiment among you that the Loyalty Point prices were perhaps a little too high.

I have seen fit to change this! From today:

All items which can be purchased with either Loyalty Points or RuneCoins have had their Loyalty Point prices reduced by up to 40%!

Thatís over 90 fantastic in-store items now available at slashed rates!

Indeed, the positives need not end here! If youíve bought any of the aforementioned items for Loyalty Points, I will refund you the 40% you would have saved had you purchased them now. Let me express my gratitude for your patience in advance, as this may take up to two weeks. Should this time pass and you do not receive a refund you expect, please do send a ticket to the RuneScape Billing Team who will be glad to help Ė simply click here.

These items are available at their new, lower prices as I speak, so please do visit my store and take a look.

Until next time.


The free item for members is currently both the Full Manchu facial hair and Feathered Witch hairstyle.

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