Hero Pass: Underworld (Sep '23 - Nov '23)

Hero Pass: Underworld (Sep '23 - Nov '23)

Our first ever Hero Pass: Underworld arrives on September 4th packed with rewards - with cosmetics, buffs and gameplay items earnable for all players, with additional Premier rewards free for Premier Membership subscribers!

What is Hero Pass?

Hero Pass is a brand new part of the core RuneScape experience designed to make RuneScape even more rewarding whenever - and however - you choose to play.

In this always-on reward system, you'll be rewarded with cosmetics and items simply by playing the game. You earn Hero Points through common activities such as skilling, defeating enemies, solving clues or defeating bosses and these progress your Hero Pass, combined with Missions to boost your Hero Point returns.

Every three months, we'll refresh the Hero Pass offerings with brand new rewards for all players - with additional Premier rewards all at no extra cost for our active Premier Membership subscribers.

You can learn more about Hero Pass here.

Hero Pass: Underworld

Hero Pass is deeply tied to the most recent content releases in the game, so of course that means our first Hero Pass theme is underworld - taking inspiration from the recent undead rising at Fort Forinthry, and a little from Necromancy too.

In Hero Pass: Underworld, there's plenty of undead looks for your Fashionscape wardrobe - including our first ever Conjure ability overrides! You'll also get to take on Special Missions related to Necromancy and Fort Forinthry for some extra Hero Pass progress - along with some helpful supplies to support your Necromancy levelling journey.


Hero Pass: Underworld features 54 cosmetics for all players, with an additional 40 cosmetics (for a total of 94!) exclusive to Premier Hero Pass. We've invested heavily in upping the quality, quantity and uniqueness of rewards for Hero Pass' future - and for Hero Pass: Underworld, we're excited to debut with some brand new types of cosmetic rewards including:

  • Combat ability overrides, including the first ever Conjure ability overrides
  • Underworld themed cosmetic overrides for skilling items
  • Skilling overheads (not seen since the 15th anniversary!)
  • Weapon overrides, including a Chakram weapon with unique animations
  • Outfit overrides
  • Pets



Each Season will have unique content buffs that support your gameplay, some of which are themed to our latest content releases! Content buffs are free to everyone, with a set amount of uses through charges that can be earned by levelling Hero Pass. Premier Members get additional buff charges that allow more usage of each Buff.

Here's our content buffs for Underworld, all of which can be toggled on or off whenever you choose - or activated for a limited time frame per charge.

  • Trailblazer: Clue scrolls require 1 less step (stacks with other clue scroll reductions)
  • Fort Artisan: 20% chance to save resources when working on the Fort (stone wall segments, refined planks, frames)
  • Headhunter: Ability to choose your own Slayer Task
  • Chaos Ward: Reduces all damage taken in the Zamorakian Undercity by 20% (stacks with other reductions)
  • Lumberjack's Ingenuity: Doubles the activation chance of perks on Woodcutting tools for 10 minutes

Additionally, you'll also earn passive XP buffs as you advance your Hero Pass level, grouped by type (Artisan, Combat etc). Each skill group has a maximum XP buff of 15% based on your progress in Hero Pass.

Special Missions

Special Missions are unique to each season of Hero Pass, rewarding you with even more Hero Pass progress for actively playing the latest content for their game.

In Hero Pass: Underworld, the following special missions are available:

  • Hero Pass Tutorial: Follow steps that introduces you to our first ever Hero Pass for easy Hero Point Rewards!
  • Necromancy Tutorial: Begin your Necromancy adventure and earn additional Hero Points (retroactive)
  • Necromancy Quests: Get Hero Points for every Necromancy Quest you complete in the First Necromancer series (retroactive)
  • Necromancy Levels: Get Hero Points for hitting Necromancy milestones, up to level 99 (retroactive)
  • Necromancy Rituals: Complete 100 Rituals for another drop of Hero Points!
  • Upgrade The Fort: Build all Tier 1 buildings to be ready for future content (retroactive)
  • Dead & Buried: Complete the latest Fort Forinthry Quest to get up to speed with the storyline (retroactive)
  • Complete Raptor Slayer Tasks: Following the 'Unwelcome Guests' Quest, it's time to complete some Raptor Tasks

With Necromancy being a special release for RuneScape, the Necromancy Special Missions also come with helpful rewards for each completion! Expect to earn Inks, Light Sources and more through these Special Missions as you complete them.

Underworld Level & Store Rewards In Detail

If you're looking for a deep dive on when and how you can earn each reward through Hero Pass, expand the boxes below for a full breakdown of both the Hero Pass levels and Hero Pass Store!

Hero Pass Rewards (click to open the full table)

Reward Level Free/Premium Rewards
1 Free Undead Slayer Outfit
2 Premium Lost Warrior (Skeleton Warrior)
Tombstone Necromancy
3 Free Undead Slayer Book
4 Premium 100 Underworld Emblems
5 Premium Undead Slayer Longbow
+2% Combat XP Buff
6 Free 60 Fort Artisan charges
Hero Satchel
7 Premium Undead Slayer Halberd
8 Free 'of the Undead' title (Hero Grey)
9 Free 100 Underworld Emblems
10 Premium Sanguine Guardian Outfit
+2% Support XP Buff
11 Free Hero Satchel
12 Premium 20 Lumberjack's Ingenuity charges
13 Free 100 Underworld Emblems
14 Premium Sanguine Guardian Chakram
15 Premium +2% Gathering XP Buff
100 Underworld Emblems
16 Free 'the Spirit Caller' title (Hero Grey)
17 Premium 12 Chaos Ward charges
18 Premium 100 Underworld Emblems
19 Free Sanguine Guardian Staff
20 Premium +2% Artisan XP Buff
Hero Satchel
21 Free 'the Lost Soul' title (Hero Grey)
22 Free 100 Underworld Emblems
23 Premium Sanguine Guardian 2h Sword
24 Premium 100 Underworld Emblems
25 Free Anointed Slayer Outfit
+2% Combat XP Buff
26 Free Hero Satchel
27 Premium 28 Trailblazer charges
28 Premium 100 Underworld Emblems
29 Free Skeletal Hammer
30 Premium +2% Support XP Buff
100 Underworld Emblems
31 Free Anointed Slayer Book
32 Premium Tombstone Prayer
Tombstone Fishing
33 Free 'of the Undead' title (Hero Blue)
34 Premium 100 Underworld Emblems
35 Premium +2% Gathering XP Buff
Hero Satchel
36 Free 100 Underworld Emblems
37 Free 16 Headhunter charges
38 Premium Anointed Slayer Longbow
39 Free Hero Satchel
40 Premium +2% Artisan XP Buff
100 Underworld Emblems
41 Free Corrupted Snipe
42 Free 20 Lumberjack's Ingenuity charges
43 Premium 100 Underworld Emblems
44 Free Anointed Slayer Halberd
45 Premium +2% Combat XP Buff
Hero Satchel
46 Free 'the Spirit Caller' title (Hero Blue)
47 Premium 100 Underworld Emblems
48 Premium 60 Fort Artisan charges
49 Free Hero Satchel
50 Free Ossified Guardian Outfit
+2% Support XP Buff
51 Premium 100 Underworld Emblems
52 Premium Skeletal Hammer (Skull)
53 Free Ossified Guardian Chakram
54 Free Hero Satchel
55 Premium +2% Gathering XP Buff
100 Underworld Emblems
56 Free Tombstone Slayer
Tombstone Mining
57 Premium 12 Chaos Ward charges
58 Premium 100 Underworld Emblems
59 Free 'the Lost Soul' title (Hero Blue)
60 Premium +2% Artisan XP Buff
Hero Satchel
61 Premium Corrupted Massacre
62 Free 100 Underworld Emblems
63 Free 28 Trailblazer charges
64 Premium Ossified Guardian Staff
65 Premium +2% Combat XP Buff
100 Underworld Emblems
66 Free Hero Satchel
67 Premium 'of the Undead' title (Hero Purple)
68 Free 100 Underworld Emblems
69 Free 16 Headhunter charges
70 Premium +2% Support XP Buff
Hero Satchel
71 Premium Ossified Guardian 2h Sword
72 Free 100 Underworld Emblems
73 Premium 'the Spirit Caller' title (Hero Purple)
74 Free Hero Satchel
75 Premium Midnight Slayer Outfit
+2% Gathering XP Buff
76 Premium Skeletal Vial
77 Free 100 Underworld Emblems
78 Premium 32 Lumberjack's Ingenuity charges
79 Free Midnight Slayer Book
80 Premium +2% Artisan XP Buff
100 Underworld Emblems
81 Free Hero Satchel
82 Premium 'the Lost Soul' title (Hero Purple)
83 Premium Tombstone Agility
Tombstone Herblore
84 Free Midnight Slayer Longbow
85 Premium +2% Combat XP Buff
Hero Satchel
86 Premium Corrupted Pulverise
87 Free 100 Underworld Emblems
88 Free 80 Fort Artisan Charges
89 Premium Midnight Slayer Halberd
100 Underworld Emblems
90 Premium Shade (Pet)
+2% Support XP Buff
91 Free 100 Underworld Emblems
92 Premium Grave Guardian Outfit
93 Premium 'of the Undead' title (Hero Red)
94 Free Hero Satchel
95 Free +2% Gathering XP Buff
100 Underworld Emblems
96 Premium Grave Guardian Chakram
97 Free 16 Chaos Ward charges
98 Free 100 Underworld Emblems
99 Premium Putrid Guardian (Putrid Zombie)
Laan (Pet)
Progress Booster for next Hero Pass (10 levels)
100 Free +2% Artisan XP Buff
Hero Satchel
101 Free Skeletal Pickaxe
102 Premium 'the Spirit Caller' title (Hero Red)
100 Underworld Emblems
103 Premium Grave Guardian Staff
Hero Satchel
104 Free Tombstone Farming
Tombstone Archaeology
105 Premium +5% Combat XP Buff
100 Underworld Emblems
106 Free Grave Guardian 2h Sword
107 Premium 44 Trailblazer charges
100 Underworld Emblems
108 Free Roia (Pet)
109 Premium 'the Lost Soul' title (Hero Red)
Hero Satchel
110 Premium Night Reaver Outfit
+5% Support XP Buff
111 Free Corrupted Sonic Wave
112 Premium Night Reaver Book
Hero Satchel
113 Premium 28 Headhunter charges
100 Underworld Emblems
114 Free Night Reaver Longbow
115 Premium +5% Gathering XP Buff
Hero Satchel
116 Premium Night Reaver Halberd
100 Underworld Emblems
117 Free Crypt Lord Chakram
118 Premium Crypt Lord Staff
100 Underworld Emblems
119 Premium Crypt Lord 2h Sword
Hero Satchel
120 Premium Vengeful Apparition (Vengeful Ghost)
Crypt Lord Outfit
Ragnar (Pet)
121+ Free 125 Underworld Emblems

Hero Pass Store Rewards (Click to open the full table)

Item Type Emblem Price
Exiled Guardian Outfit Outfit Spend 5000 emblems in store
Exiled Guardian 2h Sword Weapon 350
Exiled Guardian Staff Weapon 350
Exiled Guardian Chakram Weapon 350
Radiant Warden Oufit Outfit 1250
Radiant Warden Halberd Weapon 350
Radiant Warden Longbow Weapon 350
Radiant Warden Book Off hand Weapon 350
Crimson Guardian Outfit Outfit 500
Crimson Guardian 2h Sword Weapon 200
Crimson Guardian Staff Weapon 200
Crimson Guardian Chakram Weapon 200
Celestial Slayer Oufit Outfit 500
Celestial Slayer Halberd Weapon 200
Celestial Slayer Longbow Weapon 200
Celestial Slayer Book Off hand Weapon 200
Ancient Necronium Outfit Outfit 500
Ancient Necronium Scythe Weapon 200
Ancient Necronium Greatsword Weapon 200
Ancient Necronium Spear Weapon 200
Ancient Necronium Mace Weapon 200
Ancient Necronium Shortbow Weapon 200
Ancient Necronium Dagger Weapon 200
Elite Fremennik Outfit Outfit 500
Elite Fremennik 2h Sword Weapon 200
Elite Fremennik Longbow Weapon 200
Elite Fremennik Battleaxe Weapon 200
Elite Fremennik Hammer Weapon 200
Amber Pet 875
Ice Spider Pet 875
Dark Beast Pet 875
Corrupted Asphyxiate Animation Override 800
Tombstone Firemaking Skill Icon Override 250
Skeletal Knife Tool Override 400
Ice Quake Animation Override 800
Tombstone Woodcutting Skill Icon Override 250
Volcanic Teleport Teleport Override 1000
"The Grave" (White) Title 125
"The Grave" (Blue) Title 250
"The Grave" (Purple) Title 500
"The Grave" (Red) Title 1000
Hero Satchel Supplies 250 (does not count toward Emblem spend for Exiled Guardian)

Ready For Underworld?

This is our first iteration of Hero Pass, so we can't wait to hear your feedback to help us make Hero Pass releases even better! Dive in to Hero Pass: Underworld September 4th - free for all players, with additional rewards on offer for Premier Membership subscribers (Premier Hero Pass upgrade options are also available).

On Desktop, you can get started by opening the Upgrades and Extras tab, then clicking Hero Pass! On Mobile, click the new dedicated Hero Pass button on your interface.


Do I need to buy Hero Pass?

Hero Pass is free for all players, including Free to Play. Additional Premier Rewards are also available in the Premier Hero Pass, including even more cosmetic rewards and benefits. Premier Hero Pass is included free for active Premier Membership holders, with purchasable upgrades available for Free to Play or Standard Members.

How do I upgrade to Premier Hero Pass?

You can either purchase Premier Membership to get free access to Premier Hero Pass for the duration of your Membership, or upgrade a specific Hero Pass to Premier Hero Pass with 3 Bonds. An additional upgrade package is also available, offering Premier Reward access and 1250 Emblems for the Hero Pass Store at a cost of 4 Bonds.

To upgrade your Hero Pass using Bonds, launch RuneScape, navigate to the Marketplace, and select your desired upgrade package to purchase using Bonds. If you need more Bonds than you own, you'll be prompted to buy Bonds at this point. If you're looking to purchase more with real-world currency, simply follow the instructions, then head back to the Marketplace to complete your purchase with your newly acquired Bonds.

To upgrade to Premier Membership, our 12 month subscription package, visit our website.

What happens if I upgrade to Premier Hero Pass later into it's runtime?

If you decide you want to get Premier Membership or Premier Hero Pass after progressing the standard Hero Pass, you can upgrade at any time (including Premier Membership) to receive instant access to any Premier Rewards you'd have unlocked so far. For example, if you're level 50 on the Hero Pass, you'll unlock every Premier Reward for every level up to level 50.

If I'm running out of time to get a reward I was working towards, is there anything I can do to get it?

Yes, there are optional purchases that can progress your Hero Pass should you wish.

Levels can be purchased in bundles of 5, 10, 20 or 40 Levels. Additional Emblems can be acquired in the Hero Pass Store in bundles of 625, 1250 or 2500 Emblems.

Both Levels and Emblems are purchased with Bonds, with additional direct purchase options on Mobile. Remember that purchasing Levels will not provide access to Premier Rewards if you don't have Premier Membership or haven't upgraded to Premier Hero Pass.

Do I get to keep my rewards after the Hero Pass refreshes?

Mostly, yes! Cosmetic unlocks and Hero Satchel rewards are yours forever. Earned Emblems, content buffs (including charges) and XP buffs do not carry over once Hero Pass is refreshed.

If you forget to spend all your Emblems before the Hero Pass ends, you'll be able to access the last Hero Pass Store through a new NPC (coming with our next Hero Pass) so you can use up any unspent Emblems.

Will Hero Pass rewards be available through other means once a Hero Pass ends?

We expect to bring some past Hero Pass rewards back into future Hero Pass Store iterations.

We currently do not have firm plans on making all Hero Pass rewards available in the future, so if you have a particular reward you're looking for, you may want to ensure you earn it during the Hero Pass before it ends.

- The RuneScape Team

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