Max FSW XP & DXP LIVE Continues! - This Week In RuneScape

Max FSW XP & DXP LIVE Continues! - This Week In RuneScape

It's DXP, FSW and TTT this week – Acronyms FTW! (Well, technically they're initialisms). Uhh anyway… on with the newspost…

Double XP LIVE
Continuing in the main game until the 21st

We hope you’ve been making the most of Double XP LIVE! Don’t worry if you’ve not started yet, because it’s still active until Monday, November 21st at 12:00 PM Game Time.

You’ve got 48 hours of Double XP which you can use to train any skill, and pause whenever you like. You can also trade an hour of that Double XP per day for credits to use with Nic The Trader!

As a reminder, this event is for the main game only and NOT Fresh Start Worlds, though if you're playing there, this week has a beast of an XP bonus – more on that further down.

Time to Train Returns
Two new training dummies and convertible Proteans!

Treasure Hunter's Double XP companion event returns, and with some very exciting new features!

Firstly, we’re releasing two new training dummies for Dungeoneering and Archaeology. We've also introduced a new progress mechanic which guarantees dummies every 10 Keys!

Next up, Proteans: following their introduction earlier this year, the new Herblore, Runecrafting and Cooking Proteans can now be selected in Protean Packs, found in the promotion and even converted from other Proteans! You can do this from today's update - so before Time To Train starts Thursday.

Time to Train will be available from Thursday, November 17th.

Premier Membership
New cosmetics and plenty of benefits!

Premier Membership is the very best way to enjoy RuneScape! You'll be able to experience everything Gielinor has to offer – now and over the next 12 months – at a hefty 45% discount compared to subscribing monthly.

All of the usual benefits you've come to expect are there, from 100 extra Bank Spaces to Vault Access, the Premier Artifact and more.

Of course, with a new year of Premier Club comes new cosmetics – and this year it's the Demon Hunter Armour Cosmetic Set and the Stalker Pet!

Existing 12-Month Premier Memberships will renew into this year's Premier Membership, and you'll keep your current rate too. For full details and pricing for new Memberships, head here.

Fresh Start Worlds Week 8
Maximum 2.5XP for ONE WEEK ONLY!

It’s the last push to the finish line for Competitive players of Fresh Start Worlds. The top 100 are gonna get their Golden Challenger Halos – could you be one of them?

Speaking of the Golden Challenger Halo - based on player feedback, we have decided the Top 100 Overall leaderboard will also be included in those eligible for a Golden Challenger Halo. If you've been looking to show your prowess as master of all vs specific skills, this is your chance to get something special for your efforts.

As if that weren’t momentous enough, we're also hitting peak XP bonuses this week, with 2.5XP on all skills for ONE WEEK ONLY! This will be the highest XP rate you'll see as they'll begin to slow down back to the usual rate for the final eight weeks of the event. If there was ever a week to push for those gains, this is it.

Here's this week's bonuses in full:

  • NEW: +150% XP (skills below level 70).
  • NEW: +150% XP (skills above level 70).
  • Continuation of Free Deaths.
  • 20% chance to double a monster or boss drop.
  • NEW: 40% chance to double gathered materials.
  • NEW: Tier 5 Auras unlocked.
  • +100% Accuracy in combat.

Upcoming Livestreams
News and fun, live from the J-Mod team

Tuesday November 15th | 17:00 Game Time | Making Garden of Kharid

J-Mods behind the Garden of Kharid update are hopping on stream to discuss the update, your feedback and what goes into making changes to Skilling Methods.

Wednesday November 16th | 17:00 Game Time | J-Mod Design Sessions: Defining "What Is RuneScape?"

Lead Designer Mod Jack talks about Runescape's identity and the kind of content that fits that identity well.

See you on Twitch!

Patch Notes
Fixes and improvements in this week's game update

Garden of Kharid

  • The following bosses will now drop Seeds rather than Noted Herbs:
    • Rex Matriarchs
    • Hard mode Graardor
    • Hard mode Zilyana
    • Hard mode K'ril Tsutsaroth
    • Hard mode Kree'arra
  • Players are no longer limited to earning a maximum of 25k Crux Eqal Favour per day.
  • Patch Bombs now apply the Juju Farming Potion effect.
  • Protean Herblore, Runecrafting and Cooking items have been added to the Protean Packs.
  • The Grace period for the 'A Druids Sidekick' achievement now correctly ends on December 7th 2022 instead of December 7th 2023.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Ent familiars from working with Cacti patches.
  • Fixed an issue preventing some cliffs on the Al Kharid border from appearing.
  • Players no longer encounter a crash when creating Astral or Dungeoneering Runes.
  • Tool Leprechauns at Trollheim and the Herblore Habitat now have the 'Note produce' option.
  • Lowered the cost of Plant Power (Tier 2) in Sydekix's shop from 1,250 to 1,200 to match the interface.
  • Fixed a typo in Polletix's Reward Store.


  • Entering the Room of Confusion after a logout no longer causes a black screen.
  • Fixed an invalid URL redirect on the 'Premier Membership via Shop' button in the Steam client.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from completing the Everlight Mystery.

The latest goings-on from our community

Community Showcase

Verac the Defiled by @DrTigrexPhD. Incredible work!
@SuizzyOwl has made this beautiful homage to SpyXFamily.
@Timortienn highlighting the ongoing war between order and chaos!
Seakara capturing Saradomin's good side for their Scapetober art.
@Legend_Arts take on the Mistress of Darkmeyer, Vanescula Drakan. Gorgeous!

Scaper's Screenshots

Maria Luisa basking in the beauty of Anachronia.
Rocky is admiring Harrison's new shiny cape!
ZR7 just taking in the view. Heavenly tranquility!

Pink Skirts Player Events

Each week the Pink Skirts put on a selection of fun activities that everyone can join. Here are the main events this week:

Corporeal Beast

  • Hosted by: Patrick K & Clackworthy
  • Date/Time: Monday November 14th, 19:00 Gametime
  • World: 123
  • Location: Corporeal Beast Lair
  • FC: Patrick K

Nex - Angel of Death

  • Hosted by: Spotleewolf & Nexaodmass
  • Date/Time: Friday November 18th, 23:00 Gametime
  • World: 92
  • Location: God Wars Dungeon - Ancient Prison
  • FC: Nexaodmass

Rex Matriarchs

  • Hosted by: Pippyspot & Boss Guild
  • Date/Time: Saturday November 19th, 20:00 Gametime
  • World: 88
  • Location: Rex Matriarch Lair
  • FC: FC: Boss Guild

If these don't take your fancy, take a look at the full events schedule here. There’s sure to be something you’ll enjoy!

Community Spotlight

Shining some light on events in the community!


The lovely folks have organized a little party to help folks with BXP. A party will appear on W9 during the following dates and times, so grab a jar and join the fun!

  • Nov 18 14:00-23:59 Gametime
  • Nov 19 14:00-23:59 Gametime
  • Nov 20 14:00-23:59 Gametime

Check out their discord here

- The RuneScape Team

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