Behind the scenes - November

Another exciting month planned for RuneScape with various improvements to existing storylines and histories. This will also include at least one new weapon for each of the combat types, a new training area and new stages of growth for your cats.

A huge expansion to the dungeon on Waterbirth Island has revealed many previously unnoticed depths... and many previously unseen new monsters to fight! This dungeon update will offer several monsters to train on, some familiar and others all new, including a selection of particularly dangerous level 300+ monsters whose unique drops will be of interest to all combat classes. Rumours overheard in the Fremennik Halls suggest that it may even hold new dragon equipment...

This dungeon will be open to everybody regardless of whether they have done the Fremennik Trials or not, but those who have completed their trials may find allies in strange places...

Also this month we will be seeing a continuation to the Demon Slayer storyline featuring another nasty demon trying to take over the world!! This one's got much more of a comedy slant to it although care must be taken, as always, when demons are involved. Watch out for Evil Dave, probably the worst evil villain ever in the history of villains. He’s like sooooo evil!! Rewards for this one include a new and improved Silverlight!!

For the cat lovers out there we introduce “The Rat Pits” which includes new growth stages for your beloved moggy. No longer will they be just old and fat and making sarcastic comments... instead take them along to cat training areas, where being the best cat trainer really does pay off. It also introduces a new storyline and quest about the rat catchers of RuneScape. With updates to Varrock, Ardougne and several other places it’s definitely the largest update of the month. Look out for Jimmy Dazzler, Hooknose Jack and the whole cast of new characters which await this "pied-piping, minigame-playing, cat-training extravaganza" of an update.

On top of this we will be expanding on some of the Histories of Ardougne. Players will be invited to investigate an old building that King Lathas has his eye on for redevelopment. Originally designed to keep threats away from the city, the old walls of this tower would surely tell a fantastic tale if they could talk. Can you help save this place from the terrors of Lathas’ gnome-demolition machines? A special treasure hunt and prayer rewards will be available for those that can.

Watch out for more readers' letters… that is... if you have time to read them in between all the fantastic updates this month.

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