BTS Video - Vampyres!

Tune in to this week's Behind the Scenes to unveil more details on the new Vampyre quest ahead of Monday's release.

Watch this week's BTS video to find out more about what to expect and how the new quest's lore ties into the Myreque series!

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Podcast - Lord of Vampyrium

Mod MattHe talks to Mod Rowley and Mod Sarah about all things Myreque, including the upcoming quest and the lore surrounding it.

There may be some spoilers so be careful!

You can listen to the podcast now on YouTube, or head to our Podbean or iTunes pages.

Developer Q&A Recap

In this week's Dev Q&A, our awesome developers discuss the upcoming Elf City Waterfall Fishing release, the new Elite Mobs and a sneak peek at what we can expect for this year's Halloween event!

Definitely not one to be missed!

If you didn't catch this week's live-stream, never fear! You can watch it all again here:

The RuneScape Team

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