Community Chronicle 07/08

Welcome to the latest edition of the RuneScape Community Chronicle, with events, fan site news, artwork, a clan competition and more. Enjoy!

Fan Art

There have been some incredible pieces submitted to us this week. A few artists were inspired by the release of our new boss – Araxxor - and have put together these creepy masterpieces. First up is RSMV2you, who created this for a competition on the RuneScape Reddit. The competition is still ongoing so you can still enter.

It doesn't look good for the warrior in this picture!

RuneScape Onesie

Born-To-Design is back to his usual self and has started creating digital art again – check out this gigantic Araxxor! We certainly wouldn’t want to fight this guy!


Beyond Araxxor’s lair, Ruo Yu Chen has created this incredible picture of a Void Knight. We thought the use of lighting was fantastic.

Void Knight

If you’re interested in RuneScape artwork, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for future Player Galleries, and visit out our DeviantART page too!

Events and Fan Sites

Baby Acey will be hosting a Gielinor-style competition, inspired by the Amazing Race. Those taking part will fight, solve riddles, and complete tasks to win the Amazing Race! All you need is a partner, and some fighting spirit! To sign up, or find out more, have a read of the forum thread.

RSBandB are currently running a contest to find the best action bar setup for a number of different tasks. Until the 15th August, entrants can set up their favourite action bar using their awesome equipment and bar builder and share it on their forums where you can also find full details of the competition.

We're pleased to announce that this Friday (8th August) at 4pm BST, the lovely team from United for Wildlife will be paying a visit to our forums. They’ll be answering your questions about the charity and all of the incredible work that they do. Head over to this thread for full details.


Will Miss It has made an awesome video about ten weird and wonderful player achievements – it’s incredible what some people have achieved!

Munclesunkey has created an awesome guide for training Melee from 1 – 99. So, if you’re just starting out, or need a hand finding a method to get those elusive few levels, this might be the guide you’re looking for.


Ever wanted to stand out from the crowd when recruiting for your clan? To show just why you are the best clan and people should join you for some serious fun? Have you thought about making a clan video?

We’ve seen some brilliant clan videos and would love to see loads more – so we’re running a competition for your clan to enter!

Just make a video and send a link to it to, or send us a link to the one you use now. Our favourite will win 10 Bonds for your clan with the two runner-ups taking five Bonds each for their clan. The closing date for is 21st August, so get your entries in soon!

Feel free to think outside the box. Check out what the Realscaperz did for the Blue Steel recruitment video!

Don’t forget that if you’d like to us to consider your work for future Chronicles, you can send it over to You might see it in a future edition!

The Community Team

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