Community Showcase - April 2023

Community Showcase - April 2023

Welcome back to another Community Showcase chock-a-block with your fantastic artwork, letters and achievements!

Remember, if you’re looking for news on our latest updates, articles handwritten by the J-Mods, and sneak peeks at next month’s content, you’re looking for the Gielinor Gazette, which you can find at the link below.

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Now then, to kick things off, Postie Pete is back from his holidays and he’s brought a bunch of letters for your perusal! Let’s take a look!

Postbag From The Hedge

Hello everyone! I’ve had a wonderful time relaxing in the sun, but it was great to get back to a big ol’ pile of letters from your lovely selves! Let’s take a look at the replies…

To the Sleepwalkers of Morytania,

Heya! Ever since Swampletics, I think everyone has noticed you guys, wandering to and fro among the dreadful lands of the Morytania swamps.

... Why are you wanding? And why are you sleepwalking?

Keep on keepin' on sleepyheads,

Otomachi Una


Oh, hello there. What’s this? A letter?

Wandering through the swamps? No, I don’t think I’ve been doing that. That would be really dangerous! Although I have been waking up with muddy boots lately… and I’ve been having these really weird dreams. Actually, they’re more like nightmares.

In the dreams, I’m walking through all kinds of scary places. Sometimes I’m even on a boat! But it always ends the same. I’m in this horrible underground place, and there’s lots of noise and fighting. And then… there’s this thing! I really can’t describe it. In fact, just thinking about it is getting to be too stressful for me.

Oh dear… I think I need a lie down.

Hey Norman, It's me, Shopnt; I was your Mahogany Homes contractor a while back and we got to talking afterwards. Sorry for dismissing your worries about that monster outside your house, I just couldn’t imagine there being something like that in Falador.

Still, I felt bad afterwards, and I decided to do some digging, which pulled up some good news and some bad news. The good news is I think I've found what spooked you, and it wasn't an eldritch horror; Falador is an extremely popular place for leaping and vaulting across rooftops, and the closest thing to an official 'course' starts with a tightrope walk right past your bedroom window.

The course is a bit quieter these days, but I've heard stories of hundreds of people doing it all at once, day and night. Under those conditions, I'd absolutely believe that you could have woken up and seen a confused mess of limbs and faces and eyes outside your window. So, the good news is you're probably safe from eldritch monsters.

The bad news is that even though it’s quieted down these days, I doubt they are going to stop running course even now, I don't think they're going to stop anytime soon, so you'll probably be stuck with people outside your window as long as you live here, but better a mundane annoyance than an unspeakable terror, right?

Wishing you the best,


PS: Try not to blame the runners, okay? The fresh air and health benefits of that kind of exercise are incredible. If you ever do end up getting out of your house and go travelling, I'd recommend stopping by the Gnome Stronghold out west. They've got a very approachable obstacle course that's actually open to the public if you don't mind a few shouting drill sergeants.

Hello Shopnt,

Thanks for checking in – I’m happy to say that the furniture you built me is still going strong, although I might have it replaced anyway, just for fun.

Thank you for looking into the matter. It’s very brave of you! Ever since I saw the THING I haven’t been able to sleep – and the thought of leaving the house while it’s out roaming the streets terrifies me! It’s driving me MAD!

I suppose even unspeakable horrors need to get exercise! But still, I’ll stay nice and safe in here, away from the THING and its horrible, gaping maw… argh! I’m scared just thinking about it!

Be careful out there,


Humble greetings, TzHaar-Mej-Jal,

I must ask, how are fire/infernal capes made? Are they simply containers that hold flowing lava, or is the lava actually woven into a wearable cape? I can only imagine the master crafters as the TzHaar-Hur would be able to achieve such a feat.

Best wishes,

JalYt-Ket-Xo Rare Corgi

Greetings, JalYt!

Very good question. Not one I can answer, though. The TzHaar-Hur keep their secrets close, especially from JalYt. Even JalYt as strong and as wise as you! After all, if JalYt discovered the secrets of the Fire Capes, they’d all make them themselves. Then how would we reward them for surviving the Fight Caves? Yes, these secrets are best kept among the TzHaar.

Come back to Fight Caves soon, JalYt!

From TzHaar-Mej-Jal

Dear Verac,

I hope you and your brothers have been well, or at least as well as a wight can be. I have been bringing you cakes and leaving them by your tomb as a gift, but I was wondering - do you prefer chocolate cakes? Or do you like pie better? If you tell me I'll know what to bring!

With love,

your biggest fan

I love Verac

Dear I love Verac,

So you’re the one leaving the cakes! It’s a welcome change from the stuff adventurers usually leave around here – there’s only so many piles of lobsters and empty vials you can clean up!

Chocolate cake is just fine for me. But like most ghosts, I prefer sheet cake! Get it? Eh?

Sorry. I don’t get much practice telling jokes these days. Keep the cakes coming!



Dear Tempoross,

I am quite curious as to what exactly you are and why you've chosen to hound the anglers with storm after storm. You surface as a giant water creature, but I know there's more to it than that. Are you the glowing fish whose scales us adventurers scatter? Are you some form of elemental or magical being? Or are you more like the Windertodt over in Zeah, which seems to be a force of nature? And what drives you to attack? Did the anglers do something to offend you that they haven't told us adventurers about? Is there some way a peace can be achieved between you and our kind? Curious minds seek answers, and I hope you're able and willing to give some.

From the ever-curious Sarra

Dear Sarra,

We are Tempoross! We are the storm! We are power and rage and lightning and thunder! For many years we floated aimlessly, but then came the great change, a disturbance in the waters… and now we are different. More powerful!

The storm knows no enemies, just as it knows no friends. Take your peace to calmer waters! The storm is unstoppable!


P.S. Your bony friend is bad at swimming! Luckily bad at drowning, too!

Bluh! Things got a bit scary there! Who knew that whirlpools were so… whirly? I think I need a lie down. Keep sending your letters in, and I’ll deliver them as soon as I feel a bit less dizzy.

See you next month!

Postie Pete

Players Perspective...

Who is your favourite NPC?


Queen Ellamaria, since in all my years I've never seen one with such a pretentious pattern of speech and with such an obsession for referring to oneself in the third person.

Snack Life

Nulodion. No matter how many cannons I lose, he keeps hooking me up with a replacement completely free. He could get in real trouble for it, but of course I keep quiet.

Who else do you know that risks their job on the regular just to do you a favour? Yeah, nobody. Cheers, Nulodion!


I know that this is probably a popular answer, but my favourite NPC is Zanik. She is the only NPC that I have truly grown attached to, and all of her quests are some of the best quests the game has to offer. I hope that The Chosen Commander gets backported to OSRS soon.


The Wise Old Man. Not only was he sporting one of the most epic headpieces of the Old School era, he was also a solid adventurer and he hits hard. It made teaming up with him at Piscatoris a genuine experience to behold.

He also definitely did not have anything to do with an incident at Draynor Bank. Probably.

Broken mayo

I have to say my favourite NPC is the highwayman. Day after day he stands and delivers braving the many adventures that come his way. Many times unsuccessful, he continues to persist. It still boggles me how many capes this man has. Keep on highwayman, you're the real MVP.

Term Paper

My favourite NPC is Melzar the Mad. His quips are quite humorous, and I like his kicking/cabbage-spawning mechanics. His maze is a really nostalgic place for me, as I spent a lot of time there as a child. I also have good memories of my friend imitating Melzar irl.


Evil Dave. I appreciate his lifestyle.

Matthew Gree

Honestly, Amascut was one of those characters that intrigued me a lot since the Beneath Cursed Sands quest. She definitely has the potential to be interesting in OSRS and honestly, the idea of her obtaining weapons to rule the deserts is cool as hell! (Also like the mask :D )

Next month's question will be: What is your best piece of advice for new players? Make sure to submit your entries by clicking the survey below!

Creation Station

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Video Highlights

SkillSpecs is bringing together a collection of GOATed creators as they battle it out in Rust... we see high jinks ahead!

If you can't see the Tweet above, you can find it directly here.

Skeldoor's fantastic, story-driven chunklocked account tells the tale of Chunkvellir, a young Barbarian from Barbarian Village on an adventure to join the Barbarian Outpost!

If you can't see the video above, you can find it directly here.

Want to get up to date with your Old School RuneScape lore? Then look no further than Blu Manchu's Lore and Histories of OSRS series, a collection of short videos that will help you delve into the world of Gielinor.

If you can't see the video above, you can find it directly here.

If you're looking for an Ultimate Iron Man series with a unique twist then look no further than Impling Only's… well… Impling Only series, where you'll see thousands and thousands of tiny creatures caught in order to achieve 99 Hunter and beyond!

If you can't see the video above, you can find it directly here.

Sometimes the grind can get a little tiring. That’s why Spookdog’s here to show you how you can never be bored on Old School RuneScape again!

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Looking for a series with a chill vibe and a relaxing main goal? Why not check out the latest episode of Relic RS's Level 3 Skiller series and continue the grind with some laidback vibes!

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Finally, Jcw07 is re-running his speedrunning to Max series, only this time he's stuck as an Ironman! Protect the helm!

If you can't see the video above, you can find it directly here.

Community Achievements

For our first achievement this month, WarTurtle362 ended up achieving 17 99s in a day in order to Max! We respect the restraint, and wish you all the best in your max adventures!

A big GZ to Beas who managed to achieve a Fire Cape with his Ironman Defence Pure... I bet Jad was surprised by that!

Speaking of Capes, Bayek has just earned an untrimmed Slayer Cape on their Hardcore Ironman! Big congratulations, friend!

From one Ironman to the next, Solo Yoyo has achieved the crazy accomplishment of earning a total of 1 billion XP on their account!

This one's an older bit of news, but it is definitely worth reminding you all of the fantastic achievements of MyHandsDontWork, who achieved a Solo Fang Kit and Inferno Cape with disabilities!

Finally, this one is more of a shoutout than an Achievement, but Bullerik would like to give a massive thank you to JarlCantBank for all of the help and assistance he brings to lower-level UIMs! Keep up the great work Jarl!


That's your lot! We'd love to hear your feedback on the newest edition and, as with everything else, if you’ve got any ideas about the sorts of things you’d like to see in upcoming editions of the Gielinor Gazette, then please do let us know via our official forums, on the 2007Scape subreddit, the Steam forums, or the community-led OSRS Discord. For reference on any of the above content, check out the official Old School Wiki.

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