Deadman Reborn: Beta and Feedback

Deadman Reborn: Beta and Feedback
Issues and Hotfixes (September 2nd)
Issues Raised Current Progress
(13:45 BST) Some QoL fixes communicated in this weeks' game update are not working as expected. Specifically improvements to the Blast Furnace, Gricoller's Can, and Karuulm notes changes.Sorry about this - it's because these change have not come into the game yet! The fixes were planned for this weeks' game update but didn't make it into the game in time unfortunately. So, we've removed them from this newspost and we'll be communicating them in next weeks' update or as soon as they are ready. They're planned for next week if all goes well.

This week’s update includes a raft of Deadman: Reborn changes, plus that new Amethyst Mining location we promised for the Mining Guild! We’ve also made a few miscellaneous improvements, including one extremely important fix. (Spoiler - there was a dog you couldn’t pet. Totally unacceptable. We have rectified this.) Let's do this!

Deadman Reborn Feedback

It's been incredible to see the newest version of Deadman in all of its glory, and we're only a week into the tournament! The team has been watching the action closely and enjoying every moment of it from the close 1v1s to the surprising takedowns on unsuspecting participants. Brutal!

We’ve been listening to what you've had to say, and tweaking Deadman: Reborn a little since launch. Crucially, we’ve made some changes around losing your third life, which you can read about in the Deadman Reborn: Feedback Changes post!

Meanwhile, this update introduces the following changes:

Sigil of Specialised Strikes

  • Now requires the Sigil to be activated to reduce the cost of your next special attack which costs more than 10 energy by 10.
  • This effect has a 30 second cooldown.

Sigil of Rampage

  • Accuracy and damage provided by each stack reduced from 5% to 3%.
  • The damage bonus will not stack with Sigil of Aggression.

Sigil of Aggression

  • The damage dealt to other players has decreased from 20% to 15%.
  • The additional damage received from other players has been decreased from 30% to 20%.
  • The damage bonus will not stack with Sigil of Rampage.

Sigil of Garments

  • Will now allow players access to the Minnow platform without requiring the Angler outfit.

Sigil of Pious Protection

  • The damage reduced from praying correctly against your opponents attacks has been reduced from 30% to 20%.
  • The additional damage received from praying incorrectly against your opponents attacks has been reduced from 40% to 20%.

Sigil of Finality

  • The cooldown has been reduced from 2 minutes to 90 seconds.

Sigil of the Porcupine

  • The effect duration has been increased from 30 seconds to 45 seconds.

Sigil of the Menacing Mage

  • The activation rate has been increased from 10% to 20%.

Sigil of Last Recall

  • Can now be used to teleport back to Zeah.

Other Changes

  • The Tutorial NPC now tells players that they will receive 60 minutes of PvP protection when hopping off Tutorial Island.
  • Players on the 3-35 and 36-70 combat brackets can now buy Tier 2 starter Sigils from the Grand Exchange. However, they still won’t be able to sell them.

And in case you missed them, here are the changes we’ve already made since launch:

  • (August 25th) The Sigil of Slaughter will now deduct Slayer Points when you choose a Slayer task, as intended.
  • (August 25th) Players are now prompted to confirm their chosen starter Sigils when beginning Deadman: Reborn, or when re-starting after losing all lives.
  • (August 25th) Seed Packs were only giving one seed per pack rather than the usual 6-10 seeds – this has been fixed.
  • (August 25th) Players were previously able to attune a Sigil and then destroy it using the Bank incinerator – this would prevent them from unattuning it. This has now been fixed, so that you must unattune your Sigil before you can destroy it.
  • (August 25th) More Revenant Cave loot drops have been enabled, so players can get various types of loot from the Revenants, not just uniques.
  • (August 26th) The Sigil of Abyss will now provide 5x the amount of Runes when crafting Blood Runes or Soul Runes, as intended.
  • (August 26th) The Sigil of Devotion was previously not giving players XP effect for ashes of any description. This has now been fixed.
  • (August 26th) The Sigil of Aggression and the Sigil of Rampage were not increasing max hits by the correct amount. We've now fixed this so that both Sigils will correctly apply their respective damage boost to all forms of attack.
  • (August 26th) We've made a change to the way that Tier 5 Emblems are obtained. Now you can get Tier 1 and Tier 5 Emblems from any NPC, even if they are not the target of your Slayer task. Emblems will always be Tier 5 if the target is your Slayer task or if the NPC is above 100 Combat Level. We've also greatly increased the chance of an Emblem dropping while in single-way combat.
  • (August 26th) When disabling experience gain from Nigel, it was difficult to know if attacks were hitting if you were PKing while locked into a particular combat world. You’ll now see fake XP drops to let you know how much XP you could have received.
  • (August 31st) The Sigil of Fortification will now correctly apply its +12 bonus to all styles.
  • (August 31st) Players can only receive Deadman protection from losing Combat XP once per day.
  • (August 31st) Players who are under Immunity cannot participate in the following content:
    • Corporeal Beast
    • God Wars Dungeon
    • The Nightmare (or Phosani's Nightmare)

Deadman Finale Beta

In preparation for the upcoming Deadman Reborn Final, we're booting up the beta servers one more time! This is your chance to experience the 1v1 stage before the real Final begins on September 17th.

The Deadman Reborn 1v1 beta will take place on worlds that don’t use your normal saved game profile, so you can come and play in the beta without affecting your main OSRS account’s progress, nor your Deadman progress. Players participating in the beta will log into one of the 3 preliminary worlds, where they’ll be assigned to 1v1 battles, to fight for a place in the final world. It’s first-come-first-served – just come and have a go if you’re up for it!

This Beta will simulate the events of the Final from the initial preliminary rounds right down to the 1v1. You'll be able to join the preliminary rounds from the following worlds:

  • 540 - (US West)
  • 551 - (EU)
  • 558 - (UK)

Worlds will open up at 14:00 BST and will remain open until roughly 14:15 BST (around 15 minutes) or until we feel we have enough participants to proceed.

The survivors of the preliminary rounds will be eligible to hop to World 400 (US East), where the final rounds will take place. The game will try to transfer you automatically, but eligible players will be able to select it from the world list manually if necessary.

During the Beta, players will able to use most of the combat-related Sigil power-ups that are available. These will be in the Bank, which is available during the first round of the 1v1s.

We'll confirm that the Beta is going ahead as planned by 11:00 BST from the @OldSchoolRS Twitter account, and as an update to the top of this newspost.

We look forward to seeing you there. Good luck!

New Amethyst Mining Spot

We've expanded the Mining Guild to include a new Amethyst area, as discussed in our Mini Poll. This should make the existing mining spots a bit less crowded! You can now enter this exclusive new area provided you have fully completed the Elite Falador Achievement Diary. If you haven't done so, you will be met with a very grumpy Belona, who will order you to get this done before you enter! Once inside, mining the Amethyst requires level 92 Mining, as expected.

Quality of Life Improvements

  • We've added a counter to the Egg Shrine in the Woodcutting Guild. Unfortunately this can't be applied retroactively, but you can now keep up with how many bird eggs you've sacrificed. Let's pump those numbers up, people!
  • If you try to start tracking a new Herbiboar when you’ve already got one tracked, a confirmation message will now appear. This warning is on by default, but it can be disabled.
  • We've allowed more time for Phosani's Nightmare Master and Grandmaster tasks. Previously they were set to 7:00 and 8:00 respectively, but they’ve now been bumped up to 7:30 and 9:00 (Master/GM). This will apply retroactively to award players who have already hit the required times. Nice!
  • The Slayer Helmets and Rings have been improved and will also display your current task streak and slayer points.
  • We've also added a ‘check’ showing you how many Spellbook swaps you have left to the Magic Skillcape, and a chat message to the Magic Cape option on the Max Cape.
  • Ok, MAJOR news: The Land's End dog can now be petted, ensuring consistency across all other dogs in the game. If you happen to find any more dogs that are not pettable in-game, please let us know, as we consider this issue to fall under Integrity!
  • The automatic grinding of items with a pestle and mortar no longer prevents your character from moving.

PvP World Rota

The PvP rota has moved to Period B:

  • 560 - (UK) - PvP World
  • 579 - (US) - High-Risk PvP World
  • 561 - (UK) - Free-to-Play PvP World
  • 580 - (US) - LMS Competitive

World 390 (AUS) for LMS Competitive has been de-activated with this rota.

That's everything for this week's game update. We'd love to hear your feedback so please let us know what you think via our official forums, on the 2007Scape Reddit, the Steam forums or the community-led OSRS Discord in the #gameupdate channel.

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