Dec 26th - 4th Jan - SGS Sales #1

Beginning on Boxing Day and running until January 4th, we'll be kicking off the New Year with five weeks of sales on the Solomon's Store. Each week we'll publish a news post which will detail the items on sale for the upcoming week. You can expect some limited-edition items which will be making a brief return, so keep an eye out for some golden oldies. Here’s a sneak peek of what we will have on offer for the upcoming week:

Item Category Discount
Heroic Crit Pack 50%
Dark Lord Pack Pack 66%
Bank Booster x5 Services 50%
King Black Dragon Outfit Wardrobe 50%
Skypouncer Pet 25%
Happy Walk Animation 50%
Growth Surge Treat 50%
Jelly Treat 6 Pack Treat 50%

Did someone say Auras? To make this sale extra special, we have included a huge range of Auras for players to get their hands on, with Tier 4 and 5 Auras available at 25% off. There will also be a 30% discount on the highly sought after ‘Reckless, Maniacal and Berserker’ Auras which will be available through the entire sale. Happy holidays!

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