DXP LIVE & Skilling Strike - This Week In RuneScape

DXP LIVE & Skilling Strike - This Week In RuneScape

We’re all about the skilling this week, with the return of Double XP LIVE and the introduction of new Proteans! The Ninjas are in on the game too, with loads of tweaks related to quality of life around skills. Time to get training folks...

Double XP LIVE Begins Friday!
Plus, time = credit with Nic the Trader!

Double XP LIVE is back – and with a brand new feature!

From May 20th-30th you’ll have a timer with 48 hours of boosted XP, which you can activate and deactivate to max your gains whenever and however you wish.

This time, though, you'll also be able to trade hours for credits! These can be spent on all sorts of useful items at Nic the Trader’s Store. It’s a great way to make the most of time you don’t intend to use! You can trade one hour of credit per day, so don't forget to log in every day to reap the benefits.

Oh, and while we’re talking skills – remember the new Fletching & Firemaking training we introduced earlier this month is a great skilling method after level 82!

For more details on how DXP Live works, including the new feature, check the blog.

Time To Train With New Proteans!
Introducing Herblore, RuneCrafting and Cooking Proteans

Stock up for your DXP skilling sesh with Time To Train! We’re introducing a new set of Proteans – the stackable skilling item that rewards XP relative to your current skill level – in a new Time to Train for Cooking, Runecrafting and Herblore!

Runecrafting's Protean Runes can be used on altars to earn Runecrafting XP. You'll want to visit the highest level altar you have access to, as XP rates are based on the altar used.

Herblore's Protean Shakes can be used anywhere you mix a potion to earn Herblore XP, while Cooking's Protean Protein can be used on fires and ranges to earn Cooking XP.

Note: these items will only be available from Treasure hunter, and cannot be gained from Protean Packs for the time being.

Time to Train begins May 19th and ends on May 25th.

Ninja Strike: Skilling Quality of Life
Ironman Team Dungeoneering and more!

The Ninjas have struck just in time for 10 days of Double XP with a whole host of skilling-focused quality of life updates!

Highlights include:

  • Ironman players can now join teams with other Ironman players and train together in Dungeoneering!
  • The Dungeoneering multiplier has been reworked to be less punishing for solo players.
  • Herblore gets a whole lot friendlier to train at high levels with Overload GE sets and tradeable Extreme Combats.
  • See the Patch Notes section below for full details!

RuneScape Board Game Update
Your weekly RuneScape Kingdoms news is here!

Check out last week’s stream with Jamie and Russ from Steamforged as they walk Mod Raven and Mod Stu through the first campaign in the game.

Steamforged's Kickstarter starts on 31st May and will only run for 10 days, so sign up here and be the first to know when it goes live!

Steamforged’s latest blog is all about exploring Gielinor in RuneScape Kingdoms. Find out more about what you can do in the capitals and provinces of Asgarnia and Misthalin, and how to move around the fast travel game board.

Also, check out the first sight of Exploration Cards that are used to explore each kingdom, and two new minis!

Cower before the nightmare of Draynor Manor! This supernatural scourge is terrorising the inhabitants of Draynor Village. It’s down to you to put a stop to his bloodthirsty rampage in your first board game campaign.

(There are four campaigns in the RuneScape Kingdoms: Shadow of Elvarg core box, each with an iconic boss waiting for you at the end. That’s four unique bosses in the core box alone!)

Of course, there’s plenty to do in Asgarnia and Misthalin, so you may find yourself distracted from your goal. But if you spend too long ignoring the threat of Count Draynor, he’ll begin to roam further afield in search of prey, making your exploration progressively more dangerous…

When you do finally face the Count, make sure you’ve been instructed in how to take down a vampyre, and armed yourself with a stake. Otherwise, you might not survive to tell the tale!

But let’s not worry about that for now. Instead, let’s say hello to mini number two: the clue hunter!

What if you’re not drawn to combat, or skilling? What if you heard the call of ‘fashionscape’ and thought, 'I’m into it'? If any of these are true, the clue hunter player avatar is for you!

Equipped with Old School Runescape's Staff of Bob the Cat and dressed in the Sandwich Lady outfit, the clue hunter is designed to represent someone just starting out on a fashionscape journey.

And with that, we’ve met all five player avatars! Or, the low level ones, at least. But more on that another time…

Join the RuneScape Kingdoms Facebook Group to keep up to date on the latest weekly blogs on how to play the game, reveals new cards and minis and chat directly with Steamforged’s devs about the game.

Maintenance & Downtime
Reminders of incoming maintenance

We'll be conducting some essential maintenance on a variety of our systems during the month of May.

There will be some downtime on each of the systems as the modules are moved, but we expect this to be at most 30 minutes for each area affected! Here's a look at what systems will see some impact over the next month:

Date and Time Potential Impact Approximate Downtime
May 16th - 10:00 BST Unable to log in or world hop (Old School & RuneScape). 30 minutes
May 17th - 10:00 BST Unable to log in or world hop (Old School & RuneScape). 30 minutes
May 25th - 10:00 BST Payment systems unavailable. 30 minutes

If you're already in-game during any maintenance impacting login or world-hopping, you should be able to continue playing with no impact - though we would advise avoiding any risky activity, just to be safe!

Stay tuned to @JagexSupport on Twitter for updates on each deployment.

Patch Notes
Fixes and improvements in this week's game update


Quality of life

  • You can now check your Metal Bank from any tier Ore Box.
    • You may not deposit item into the Metal Bank when opening via the Ore Box.
  • You can now check your Metal Bank from the main Bank.
    • You may not deposit items into the Metal Bank when opening via the Ore Box.
  • You can now withdraw Urns and Effigies from the Brooch of Gods.
  • Popular hunter areas in Anachronia and the Incandescent divination crater now forbid cannons and griefing the player training the skill.
  • Silverhawk Boots can now store a larger quantity of feathers before you have to recharge them again.
  • Fletching Arrows/Darts/Bolts now have a chance of giving you Strange Rocks.
  • The speed of creating Armour Spikes have been increased. Less skilling more killing!
  • You now make Abyssal Armour Spikes in batches of 100 instead of 10.


  • Ironmen may now form Dungeoneering parties together.
    • Everyone in the party must be an Ironman, Ironwoman, Hardcore Ironman or Hardcore Ironwoman.
    • XP sharing can't be toggled on.
  • The Dungeoneering multiplier, which was based on difficulty, has been made fairer towards solo or small parties.


  • Increased the range in which you can interact with Player Owned Farm paddocks. You may now interact with the paddock gate instead of trying to click the small, moving, NPCs.
  • The 'Teleport' option on tool leprechauns has been replaced with 'note produce'.
    • You may still teleport to vinesweeper by talking to the leprechaun.
  • Noted produce can now be added to compost bins.


  • Extreme combat potions (attack, strength, defence, ranged, magic) are now tradable.
  • There is a new GE set that includes all ingredients for an overload potion.

Firemaking and Fletching skilling update

  • Anachronia dinosaur farm's Teleport Scroll is no longer consumed if the teleport fails due to being tele-blocked (such as on an instance shard world).
  • Imbuing Dinarrows is now listed alongside the Tip Arrows table, so players can switch between them from a portable fletcher.
  • Wen Arrows' Icy Precision buff now correctly produces +2% and +3% accuracy per stack of the buff for thresholds and ultimates respectively, instead of just +2% or +3% in total.
  • Amounts of Resonant Anima earned from the following sources has been increased;
    • Kerapac (normal and hard mode).
    • TzKal-Zuk and his underlings (normal and hard mode).
    • Croesus.
    • Arch Glacor (normal mode).
    • Nodon, siege cannons, glacytes, glacors and TzekHaar.
    • Senntisten Graveyard skilling.
  • Resonant anima of Wen will now be earned through Arch Glacor hard mode loot streaks.
  • The 'Fletch any type of arrows or arrow shafts' daily challenge now counts when cutting zygomites. The 'Light any logs or add them to a bonfire' does not count when drying zygomites, as they're incapable of 'making like a tree and getting outta here'!
  • Repositioned the clickzone for Bill's mystical tree over its treetop rather than its stump, to solve an issue where it got in the way when selecting troughs for dinonomnoms.
  • The crystal knife (5% chance to double shafts when Fletching) now applies and does not degrade when carestyling zygomites.
    • Fletching animation overrides now override the carestyling animation when Fletching, or otherwise holds a crystal knife if one is equipped.
    • Changed the token XP when feeding baby dinos from troughs back from Agility to Farming, in response to further player feedback.


  • Added line breaks to Burthorpe tutorial popups on the Smithing interface on mobile, as they were obscuring the item to select.

Elder God Wars

  • The PH marker has been removed from the player log entry for completing the Extinction quest.
  • Looting the Frozen Chest now refers to the Arch-glacor in the Adventurer's Log.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented login to a specific world if your previous login attempt occurred after a login queue.
  • The player's pet will no longer become aggressive towards the player when fighting Aquanites.
  • The Cavern of Tainted Memories Ticket does not appear when searched for in the Grand Exchange.
  • Players who completed the backpack tutorial in the Davendale tutorial without unlocking their backpack are now able to continue the Davendale tutorial.
  • The Drake in Falador Park no longer consumes items other than breadcrumbs.
  • The Dwarven Harvester now correctly doubles the yield of herbs when a Herb bag is in the player's inventory.
  • The Ophidian Incubation scroll now correctly turns Raven Eggs into Coraxatrice Eggs.
  • The title 'All of a flutter' no longer incorrectly appears as unlocked for all players.

The latest goings-on from our community

Community Showcase

An assortment of awesome art from our lovely community!

Aggie is having a tough time keeping her Woad Dye's safe in @NinthCloudArt's adorable artwork!

u/Chunksofplum Showcasing a beautiful tarot style image of Zamorak, God of Chaos... and oranges?

u/SnowyRune has created this beautiful pixel image of the Sword of Edicts!

@ayrieton with this stellar RS3 themed tattoo design!

Pink Skirts

Each week the Pink Skirts put on a selection of fun activities that everyone can join. Here are the main events this week:

Corporeal Beast Boss Mass

  • Hosted by: Patrick K & Clackworthy
  • Date/Time: Monday May 16th, 19:00 Gametime
  • World: 123
  • Location: Corporeal Beast Lair
  • FC: Patrick K

Skill 'n' Chill

  • Hosted by: MadClikr & the Lil Tuzzies Clan
  • Date/Time: Monday May 16th, 23:00 Gametime
  • World: 85
  • Location: Burthorpe Bank
  • FC: Lil Tuzzies

Helwyr Boss Mass

  • Hosted by: Pippyspot & Boss Guild
  • Date/Time: Saturday May 21st, 20:00 Gametime
  • World: 88
  • Location: The Heart of Gielinor - Seren Lobby
  • FC: Boss Guild

If these don't take your fancy, take a look at the full events schedule here. There’s sure to be something you’ll enjoy!

- The RuneScape Team

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