Easter 2012: Chocatrice vs Evil Chicken

Few rivalries are as fierce as that of the Evil Chicken and the Chocatrice, who are going head-to-crest in an Easter egg hunt most fowl. The Easter Bunny is missing – presumed dead – and the Easter eggs he left lying across RuneScape are the target of the Evil Chicken and Chocotrice’s wicked wager: to find out who can turn the greatest number of adorable little chicks into diabolically delicious snacks!

Report in to the Evil Chicken or the Chocatrice in Varrock square to find out when the next Easter egg hunt is starting. Once you’ve pledged your allegiance to your chosen villain, you’ll be gifted with a patented Eggsterminator®, which will turn the innocent chicks within the eggs into fried chicken drumsticks or chocotreats, depending on whether you have scotch eggs (for the Evil Chicken) or marshmallows (for the Chocotrice) selected in the Combat Styles tab.

Hunts are held on every odd hour (so, 9am BST, 11am BST, 1pm BST etc.) There are 5 eggs to find per hunt, and you have you have a little under 2 hours to find them. You may be able to convince the Evil Chicken or the Chocatrice to set you off in the right direction, but after that it’s down to you and your fellow players to find the rest. Breaking the eggs doesn’t stop other players from finding them, so it might be wise to work with some partners in crime. Join the EvilEggFind or ChocEggFind chat channels to find suitably unscrupulous associates.

If you seek out, hatch and destroy 3 chicks, and then hand the relevant treats to the bad-guy you’re backing, you’ll earn the right to claim an egg or chocolate-themed mask, to show the world your shame (or lack thereof). You’ll need 3 drumsticks for the egg on face mask, or 3 chocotreats for the chocolate egg on face mask.

Get all 5 eggs in a single hunt, and you’ll earn a lamp giving you XP in the skill of your choice. You’ll need to be a member to do this, as at least two of the eggs will always be in members-only areas.

Finally, RuneScape members among you finding all 5 eggs in a total of 3 hunts can claim a permanent version of the Eggsterminator. It’ll be no yolk doing this, but persevere and you’ll wreak eggy ruin across RuneScape for ever more.

Need more help? Join in with the Community team’s clue nights on the 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th of April. Watch our Twitter feed, or head over to the dedicated thread at 10pm (BST) on those days.

Once you’ve claimed your eggy spoils, you may also wish to take part in the finale roleplaying event: The Eggagement. Look here for more information.

Mod Chihiro & Mod Edam

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