Elder God Wars: Prepare For War

Elder God Wars: Prepare For War

The battle cry of a thousand Dragonkin erupts over the city of Senntisten. This is it. The first assault of the Elder Gods - and Gielinor's last stand. Time is not on your side.

This pivotal moment in Gielinor's history is our next God Wars Dungeon experience. It's set to be our most diverse God Wars Dungeon yet, delivered over four epic fronts beginning later this month!

We'll reveal details about the first front soon, but today we'll cover your preparations for this world-shattering battle. Ready?


Jas has rallied a powerful army to spearhead the first assault on the Cathedral. Only adventurers with significant slaying experience stand a chance! You'll need at least 92 Slayer to take on these merciless minions.

If you're looking for a crash-course in levelling Slayer, head to the RS Wiki to optimise your training!

We also recommend you bring Tier 80 gear or higher, with at least level 80 in all stats for your chosen combat style - though it's not a requirement.

One more thing - rumour has it this first army is bearing siege machines of some kind, hoping to break down the Cathedral's defences with brute force. While you'll still need to be combat-ready, having level 90 in Construction may also open up some unique opportunities (if you haven't already, this is a great time to try the Construction Contracts added last November!).

The Story

The Elder God Wars Dungeon is a pivotal moment in a saga that's been building throughout the Sixth Age.

While no specific quests are required to access this first front or the City of Senntisten, the battle is best experienced as part of the wider Elder God Wars saga. Here's our quick guide to catching up with the story so far:


This is the minimum we recommend to follow the story of the Elder God Wars:

  • Elder God Wars Quest Series:
    • Azzanadra's Quest
    • Battle of the Monolith (miniquest)
    • City of Senntisten
  • Other Quests:
    • Desperate Times
    • Desperate Measures


For the lore-loving player, completing the following quests is the best way to have all the context for the events in this first front:

  • Elder Gods Quest Series:
    • Fate of the Gods
    • Heart of Stone
    • The Light Within
    • Children of Mah
    • Sliske's Endgame
    • The Needle Skips
    • Desperate Times
    • Desperate Measures
  • Elder God Wars Quest Series:
    • Azzanadra's Quest
    • Battle of the Monolith (Mini-Quest)
    • City of Senntisten

Useful Items

WARNING: This section contains tiny spoilers for the Elder God Wars Quest Series.

When heading into a momentous battle, the well-prepared soldier will of course need food, potions, and maybe just a little spare cash. On top of the usual combat necessities, there are a few specific items worth picking up before you venture into the first front:

Shard of Erebus

Earned by completing the Battle of the Monolith miniquest.

Pontifex Observation / Shadow Ring

This mysterious ring is first acquired in Azzanadra's quest (Observation) and can be further upgraded after the City of Senntisten quest (Shadow).

See The Reveal

Now that you're battle-ready, join us as we unveil this new front! The reveal trailer debuts on Friday July 16th at 16:00 Game Time on our YouTube channel.

Get ready, World Guardian. The fight for Gielinor is about to begin...

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