Free Bank Booster for Members

Hi everyone,

We’re pleased to announce that we're offering all members a free Bank Booster +50 to thank them for their loyalty. This item can be found located alongside the existing Bank Boosters in Solomon’s General Store, but will have a price of 0 RuneCoins for members.

In autumn last year, we said we would make the Bank Boosters available in the Loyalty Shop, and we’re really sorry this didn’t happen. We intended to add this as a feature to the Loyalty Shop, but - upon investigation - we found that the coding required would be more extensive than we anticipated. As we're planning to totally revamp the Loyalty Shop in 2013 anyway, we held off adding the Bank Boosters in order to wait for the full overhaul.

That work is still in progress, though, and won’t be ready for some months, so we’ve decided to find another way to make good on our commitment: by adding a Bank Booster +50 free for members in Solomon’s General Store. It’s not quite the same thing, but it has additional upsides: there is no cost at all for members, there’s no need to spend loyalty points, and it’s available right now. Please accept our apologies and enjoy the free bank space.

We have big plans for a much-improved loyalty program for later on in the year, which will definitely include a more flexible way to get bank space with loyalty points. We’ll have more information for you on this in the next few months.

Please note: the bank spaces given through bank boosters are added to your free bank space allocation, meaning that they can be used to store both free-to-play and members' items. Also, this is not the free monthly item mentioned here. That will be revealed next week, so keep an eye on the news!


The RuneScape Team

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