Behind the Scenes - February

Arrrr, dust off that cutlass and hoist up the Jolly Roger for we be sailing again! The month kicks off with another piratical adventure, this time with the player joining the crew of the Adventurous, helping to sink the enemy before they sink you! Can Captain Bill Teach reach the Island of Mos Le'Harmless before he's sent down to Davy Jones' Locker? Several new items of the latest pirate fashion will be available through this update. Arrrr.

The Wilderness welcomes a new visitor this month. At first, local bandits and wolves thought it was some kind of rain cloud, but the path of devastation scattered in its wake told them otherwise. Even the KBD made sure not to annoy this beast, since he knew it was bigger than him. Fans of dragon weapons should make sure they visit but be careful! Multiway wilderness areas are not the safest places in the game, so take some friends to watch your back. More information to follow on release.

Monsters will be queuing up later this month to collect the latest set of Treasure Trail clues. Make sure you dig out the old grey matter and get cryptic with over 40 new clues, leading to more than 30 new items spread out all over RuneScape.

More food types will be added to the game, with new high level pies for master chefs to tackle. These new pies, as well as offering a healthy bite or two, will also boost specific stats for each pastry treat. One of them can even be thrown at escaping wilderness targets! Mmmm, pie.

Also coming out this month is the latest batch of area improvements, this time focused around Falador, Draynor Manor, the Barbarian Village and Ice Mountain, so be aware that some of the locals might receive a facelift or two. Adventurers interested in portals to other dimensions and slaying foul beasts will want to talk to Professor Oddenstein once the update is launched. More area improvements to follow later in the year.

Another random event will also come out this month, so look out for Pious Pete and his problematic church lighting, for he may well call on your help in the future.

In the second quest of the month, Martin the Master Gardener has a problem. All of his crops seem to be failing and catching disease far more than normal and he is convinced there is something odd going on. Can you weed out the source of the problems, or will you just leaf him to his rotting veggies? Can anybody help sort out these Growing Pains? The update will also be accompanied by another smaller set of area improvements, but we'll keep those secret until they’re released.

Other smaller additions this month include mobile spit roasts so you can cook your Chompies where you like, and another set of readers' letters!

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